If humanity had no deadly weapons

What a peaceful world it would be

There would be no wars anti tank missiles

No Racism Discrimination Exclusion Bigotry

But Peace Happiness as well prosperity


As they say:

“Idle mind is a devil’s workshop”

Humanity does need weapons

Of Mass destruction to settle differences


Why kill murder rape? if one cannot agree

With people’s thoughts words or ideologies

Settle them peacefully

By creating an hateful atmosphere

One’s conscience will catch up

With you eventually.


Keep meeting, keep talking

That’s why we have the

United Nations which

Consists of  every race caste creed

Including religions like

Hindus Muslins Christians Sikhs

Bahais as well Zoroastrians


The reminder is the

Charter of Rights

Etched on a clay tablet

By our Cyrus the Persian King

Proudly displayed at the U.N

Reminding humanity

“How one should treat

Or be treated not like

A slave who is being humiliated

Poked prodded waiting to be bought

Humans don’t need to be discriminated

Because of their color  caste or creed

But,treated with self respect tolerance

Equality as well dignity”

Need I say more?

Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

April 7th 2022





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