A report on our ZAC field trip to the Getty Villa museum

The Glimpses of our Glorious Past

ZAC Children and Parents Visits the Exhibition on Persia: Ancient Iran and the Classical World


On the 10th of July 2022, 42 ZAC members (students and parents) of the Religious class, along with their teachers Zarrir and Zerkxis Bhandara visited the exhibition of “Persia: Ancient Iran and the Classical World” at Getty Villa museum in Santa Monica, CA. arranged by Danish Bhandara, for ZAC religious class, where they studied our rich history of glorious Zarthosty Emperors like Cyrus, Daraius, Xerses, and Artaxerxes. It was a unique experience with hundreds of outstanding exhibits depicting our rich culture of the great Persian Empire, for many it was a pride and nostalgic moment to know that we Zoroastrians ruled the majority of the known world of that era who encountered. the tumultuous relationship and cultural connections between ancient Greece and Rome. A sense of pride flowed to see the Apadana hall in the Persepolis exhibit where kings of different nations would come to greet the most powerful Persian kings in the world with gifts from their local region.

Objectives of the study

Our main goal was to learn the history of our glorious ancestors, who were the Just rulers of their time. Our additional goal was to jot down information about the monuments, the great Persepolis, and the artifacts, utensils, jewelry, and precious stones of that era.

Methods of study

A couple of months before we decided to visit the Exhibition on Persia: Ancient Iran and the Classical World at the Getty Villa museum. Ervad Zerkxis Bhandara who teaches the youth class, gave the students a background on the Zoroastrian history and our illustrious kings telling students the Shahnameh stories which helped the students to prepare for the field trip.


The excursion lasted for three hours which was learning about our glorious past. It was a fun-filled afternoon with lunch provided by ZAC. It was successful because everyone learned the required information in a fun way. Moreover, the trip taught to value life and be active, trying to change the world for the better. The icing on the cake was the 3D show on Persepolis which was very informative Thanks to that, we could observe the most prominent representatives of various epochs. Today, “ We feel really proud to be called the descendants of these great “Parsa” kings” (as mentioned in cunie form inscriptions of Darius at Behistun)

Contributed by Zarrir Bhandara

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  • I’m so proud of you for what you have achieved in California, one subject I need to mention!

    Lord-setan, Pars, or Iran was not a great Empire; it was * the Ancient World Order, AWO* on every continent on Earth! The ancient city of Balkh-Bastan was The Diplomatic capital of the old world order Federation!

    In the old Persian or Pallavi language, the word Pars comes from the phrase *Parsa* which means honorable and promise keeper!

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