The plight of Zoroastrian Trusts

The Iranian Zoroastrian Anjuman owns 986 Acres of vacant land at Palghar.
That’s 4.3 Crore Sq Feet!
If every Zoroastrian in India applies for land, every single one will get a minimum 1,000 Sq Feet of land.
And this is just one Zoroastrian Trust.
So much land.
But no funds to develop it, or even look after it!
The plight of every Zoroastrian Trust
– Zoru Bhathena


  • I am Ready to invest In this,I am ready to whatever work will we done for betterment of the Zoroastrian Trust and Religion.

  • What is the ask of readers ? Is the author suggesting that all Zoroastrians should stake claim to this and inundate the solicitor with claims? This land seems to be owned by a trust? How would that work ? Is the trust set up with all Parsi and Iranian Zoroastrians to be beneficiaries irrespective of financially status,
    Be good to have more concrete details. Or do these trusts have an articulated requirement for development capital ?

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