ZTFE – First ever Zoroastrian Children’s Education Club, Zurich, Switzerland, Sat 1st Jul 2023

We have just started taking baby steps, and so glad to see it take shape. Quite inspired by the good work the ZTFE Children’s Education Fun Club Team in the UK does. 
On Saturday 1st July we had our first ever Zoroastrian Children’s Education Club in Switzerland. We meet up in Zurich. About 15 children attended accompanied by their parents ranging from 10 years to 1 year old.  Our first session started with a humbandagi, followed by introductions in Guajarati. The theme was about the coming of the Parsis to India from Iran, and after a general story session we divided the children according to their age groups and did different activities with them.
The children also learnt to make falooda. We ended with a four corners game for everyone, where we had volunteers standing in each corner named as sudra, kasti, aatash and divo. 
Heartfelt thanks to our hosts, the Antalia family, who graciously allowed us to use their restaurant premises and also provided everyone with delicious refreshments. 
The Zoroastrian Children’s Club have their next meet up on 4th November, and my fellow team members and I are looking forward to that. 
On the 19th August we plan to have our annual lunch get together for all the Zoroastrian families in Switzerland in Lucerne. 
Thanking Nazreen Ichhaporia for initiating this, and for being there with your family. 
Warm regards, 
Khushnum Master


  • Excellent, great beginning if these are your first efforts. Good luck for future success.

  • Dilnawaz Irani

    Wonderful effort.

  • Just wonderful to know that there are Parsees in far flung places like Switzerland and still want to keep their Parsipanu. Kudos to them & may they thrive in this land.

  • Beautiful Parsi children who will slowly and surely be lost to the community. In western countries, no Parsi family lasts beyond the 3rd-4th generation.

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