The Godrej Story

Godrej – over 125 years young.

Our story began as part of India’s Swadeshi movement – the original ‘Make in India’ movement.

In 1897, Ardeshir Godrej, after a few failed ventures, sets up a lock company. For him, the key to success turns out to be locks!

In 1918, they launch Chavi, the first soap in the world to be made without animal fat. A score for Swadeshi and ahimsa!

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  • My grandfather Ardeshir Dhanjishaw Jasumani was the Coal fire boiler engineer at Godrej Lalbaug factory. My father used to mention that at that time Godrej were manufacturing cutlery, later moved to locks

  • Notice the hand written note written in Gujarati by Mahatma Gandhi to the founder late Ardeshir Godrej when you toggle to 1922 .Also note in 1921 he donated Rs.3 lakhs (highest at the time) to Mahatma. This is more like about Rs.30 crores today.

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