Medical Appeal for URGENT consideration

Dear Donors, Friends, Wellwishers,

We are circulating a public appeal as below, for funds required urgently towards medical treatment required for a young Mobed.

It will be appreciated if maximum possible support is extended for this very worthy cause.

Warm regards,





Ervad Shahzad Darayus Hozdar, (28 years) has been diagnosed with High Grade Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), a condition in which the bone marrow does not produce enough healthy blood cells. This puts Shahzad at a high risk of developing Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow.


Unfortunately, Shahzad’s younger brother had passed away at the age of 20 years from the same dreaded AML. The family is devastated to face this nightmare again and are terrified at the prospect of losing another son.


Shahzad’s father (57) met with a severe car accident on 13th July, 2023 and having lost his job is presently serving as a Mobed.


Shahzad is currently not covered under any Medical Insurance Company. He had applied for insurance policy just 3 (three) months earlier resulting in Shahzad unable to make any claim in the first year from the insurance company for such a big illness.


Shahzad is a full-time priest practicing at N. R. Tata Agiary, Bandra West where he works on daily wages basis. Due to his illness, he is unable to work and has no income at present.  Shahzad got married eight months back in December 2022 to Natasha and was keen on starting a family. Unfortunately, the sad medical development has left the young couple devastated. Presently Natasha has sacrificed her job to look after Shahzad 24X7, as he needs to be kept in isolation to safeguard him from any infection. Thus, the family does not have any regular monthly income to fall back on.


Shahzad’s family has been informed by the attending doctors that the only cure for the AML disease is a Bone Marrow transplant. However, as Shahzad lost his younger brother in similar tragic circumstances just a few years ago, the procedure has become more complicated. The family has been further informed that, till such time a compatible match is found, Shahzad will have to undergo continuous treatment to control spread of the disease, which in medical terms is called “Maintenance”.


The need for funding has been broken up into two parts:


Medical expenses estimated towards Maintenance:


The break-up of expenses estimated by Doctors towards Maintenance are:

Rs.100,000 per month: Tablet Venetoclax 400 mg once a day (100 mg tablets).

Rs. 22,855 per month: Injection Decitabine 30mg, day 1 to day 5

Rs.130,000 per month: After adding on expenses various test and hospitalisation,



Medical Expenses estimated towards transplant after a match has been found:


Rs.6,000,000: (Rupees six million / sixty lakhs) as per present estimate.


The family is making efforts to register and obtain a similar match which is medically as close as possible to make the transplant successful.



Donors overseas are requested to send their remittances by way of SWIFT / WIRE transfer in US Dollars from their Bank account overseas or by online transfer or cheques in Indian Rupees from their Bank Account in India, detailed as under:


A) For remitting funds

     from Bank Account

     Overseas in

     US Dollars (USD)

Correspondent Bank Bank Name State Bank of India

New York

For Credit To A/C No. with State Bank of India, New York
Bank Name State Bank of India, New Delhi Main Branch
Address Main Branch, Parliament Street New Delhi-110001
For Final Credit to Beneficiary Beneficiary A/c # 40088188141
Beneficiary Name The WZO Trust Funds
SWIFT Code of State Bank of India, New Delhi Main Branch SBININBB104
  NOTE: Please request your Bankers to mention Purpose Code P1303 (Donations to Religious and Charitable Institutions) while making remittance by SWIFT/ Wire, else Trust account

may not get credited

B) For remitting funds

     from Bank Account

     in India in Rupees

1) For issuing

    CHEQUES from

    Bank Account in

    India in Indian

    Rupees (INR)


 Cheques in INR may be made in favour of


and sent to Trust Office as under:

The WZO Trust Funds

C-1, Hermes House, 3rd Floor,

Mama Parmanand Marg,

Opera House,

Mumbai 400 004


2) For remitting funds


from Bank Account

in India in Indian

Rupees (INR)




Name of Bank         : DEUTSCHE BANK

Branch Name          : Hazarimal Somani Marg, Fort, Mumbai

Branch Address      : DB House, Hazarimal Somani Marg

Fort, Mumbai 400 001

Account Title          : The WZO Trust Funds

Account Number     : 400004256780019

Account Type          : Savings

IFSC Code               : DEUT0784PBC


IFSC Code (DEUT0784PBC) is common for all Branches of

Deutsche Bank in India. For example, if Khar Branch or any other Branch gets displayed while keying inputting this

IFSC Code, please go ahead and complete the online transfer



After doing online remittance / while sending the cheque, please inform us by e-mail on stating your address for sending our Receipt. If remittance / cheque sent in Indian Rupees please also inform us your PAN Card Number issued by the Indian Income Tax Authority.


We look forward to receiving support from community members for this very urgent and deserving medical case.


Dinshaw K. Tamboly


The WZO Trust Funds


  • Is there a way that a cheque in INR be sent directly to the Mobed in question? If so, need the person’s residential address. Await your response. Thanks.

    • Please find my account details:
      Account No – 032001008110
      IFSC Code – ICIC0000320
      MMID – 9229510
      Account Type – Savings
      Bank – ICICI Bank

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