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Jashan Ceremony Videos – Manijeh and Rustom Kermani New Home Blessings Celebrations

This is the second video of a Jashan Ceremony to bless a new home. The family was moved flawlessly by Short Notice Movers Inc. so the ceromony could start on time as planned.
Many of you have requested me to record a video of a Jashan Ceremony so that many of you, and especially the young Navarias can view, listen and follow how a Jashan Ceremony is performed and prayed.
In this spirit, Jo Ann and I have recorded this Jashan Ceremony for your view. Please note that me being from Udwada Sanjana 9 Families, the prayers are according to the Sanjana Mobeds. Praying for over an hour without a book is quite challenging and in so doing, a minor error or a few words or sentences may have been omitted unintentionally and I beg forgiveness from Dadar Ahura Mazda and you all for the same. Hope you all understand this.
So, here is the description of this Jashan Ceremony video:
This Jashan Ceremony video was recorded by Mrs. Jo Ann Dastur and Ervad Soli P. Dastur, living in Hira Villa, Sarasota, Florida, USA.
Ervad Soli was asked to perform a Jashan by M/M Manijeh & Rustom Kermani to celebrate their new House Warming in their beautiful home in Orlando, FL, on Sunday September 1st 2013, Shehenshahi Roj Dae-pa-Meher, Maah Farvardin, 1383 YZ.
The main purpose of recording this video is to be a training help to young Ervads world over so they know correct procedure, pronunciations, and rituals of the Jashan Ceremony.
Further more, I have been asked by many a Parsi/Irani Zarathushtris friends to have such a video for the Behdins in remote areas where sometime it is hard to get a Mobed to perform the Jashan Ceremony. It is hoped that such a Behdin or Anjuman can play this video as a substitute for a Mobed.
The Jashan contains the Deebaache (Introduction), three Kardaas of Daadaadaar Ahura Mazda, Daham and Sarosh, ending in 3 Aafrins of Ardaafravash, Buzorgaan and Hafta Ameshaashpands, ending in the Doa Tandoorasti for the Kermani family.
At the very end, Ervad Soli in his customary fashion explained some points about our religion which he calls them: Jashan Side Chats!
Today, he explained how Daadaadaar Ahura Mazda created the whole world in six stages, each with a particular creation, like Sky, Waters, Earth, Vegetation, Animal Kingdom and finally HIS most loved creation, The Mankind! He then explained how these 6 creations of Ahura Mazda are represented in the items of a Jashan.
Then he followed this with the explanation of the Joti and Raathwi in a typical Jashan, the Flower Ceremony, and striking the Karasyaa on 4 Cardinal points and 4 corners so as to represent the whole world around us and spreading Jashan Prayers in all directions.
I come from the Dastur Family of Udwada, one of the 9 Families entrusted the care of the Holy Iranshah Atash Behram. I was in that wonderful Boarding School of MF Cama Athornan Institute for 9 years, 1945 – 1954, and was trained by unbelievably devoted Athornan Teachers, themselves Yozdaathregar Mobeds, in all aspects of Mobedi Profession. I became Navar, Martab and Saamel in that beautiful Iranshah Atash Behram under the watchful eyes of seasoned and expert Yozdaathregar Mobed Saahebs, for which I am very grateful.
Due to this orientation of my family coming from 9 Sanjana Families Panth (referred to sometimes as Udwadias or Sanjanas), I have used the Jashan Prayers performed by my Sanjana forefathers, which may be a little different from other Panths.
We hope it is of some value to our Zarathushtri Humdins all over the world!
May the Flame of Fellowship, Love, Charity and Tolerance burn ever eternal in our hearts so we can do HIS work with humility, diligence and eternal enthusiasm!

Atha Jamyaat, Yatha Aafrinaamahi! (May it be so as we wish?)

Love and Tandoorasti, Jo Ann and Soli Dastur