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Meherjirana Library Conference

“Today is an important day in Navsari: the inauguration of an international conference on Zoroastrian and Parsi studies, ‘Celebrating a Treasure: 140 Years at the First Dastoor Meherjirana Library,’ held at the Meherjirana Library in Tarota Bazaar. The conference will last until 15 January and will include some of the world’s leading authorities on Zoroastrianism. It has been a pleasure for me to serve as one of the organizers of this conference…”
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Vignettes from Parsi History & Future Prospects

“Vignettes from Parsi History & Prospect – and the What IF? … Factor!”

As it’s a collection of articles from Parsi annals; It should be wildly circulated to family & friends as a FYI set of articles of Parsis’ Historical Happenings & Fuzzy Future. 


For the Diaspora ‘Y-Gen’ Zhamdins, who should have known, but were . . . . .

Too busy! (weren’t bothered?) To ask about their heritage.

Edul Kanga. GTA-CA.

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Zoroastrian Mysticism

Today also being Fasli Meherangan or Fasli Meher Roj, and Meher Mah 1379 Y.Z. on this auspicious occasion and with grace of Dadar Ahura Mazda and valuable advice from my colleagues, I have managed to launch a new Blog site. The aim is to  collect all the articles in one place which I have written in the past and are in my Archives. All these articles have appeared on our ilme-Khshnoom Mailing list but for ready reference all these articles will be found at newly formed Blog site as under:-

With Best Wishes and regards,
Firdosh K. Sukhia

The Birthday of Truth

Never let darkness engulf the eternal luminosity and bliss of the mind. May ‘Ardibehesht Roj’ / ‘Ardibehesht Mah’, coming tomorrow, bring light, lustre and eternal joy

By Adil F. Rangoonwalla

(Courtesy Jame Jamshed)

We have just entered the second month of the Parsi year 1380, namely ‘Ardibehesht’ and we may reflect upon some thoughts pertaining to ‘Ardibehesht Ameshaspand’, called ‘Asha Vahishta’ in ‘Avesta’, one of the most celebrated ‘Ameshaspands’. The Holy Immortals, who are seven in all, stand next to Ahura Mazda. The ‘Gathas’ are replete with their invocations. When their holy names are recited as a part of prayers, they are ‘manthras’ of great spiritual power and efficacy. ‘Asha Vahishta’ literally means best righteousness.

Some beauty of expression is always lost in translation. Almost no word exists in any language, which can do full justice to the profound concept of ‘Asha’. We have the five ‘Gathas’ of which ‘Ahunavaiti’ is the first and longest. Right from the start of this ‘Gatha’, Prophet Zarathushtra invokes ‘Vohumana’ and ‘Asha’ together for being in communion with Ahura Mazda:

“…Through deeds inspired-by-Asha (I pray) for all (Knowledge)

(and) for Wisdom of Vohu Mano (do I pray)

thus, I-shall-bring-solace to the Soul of Mother Earth as well.”

[From: ‘The Religion of Zarathushtra’ by I. J .S. Taraporevala].

These two ‘Amesha Spentas’ are invoked by the Prophet to be victorious in his mission, that is, to bring peace on Earth. ‘Vohumana’ is good mind and ‘Asha’ stands for truth, order and righteousness. An important aspect connected to ‘Vohumana’ is kindness and compassion towards all living beings especially to small animals over which he presides and truth is intimately related to purity. Read more