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Healing Touch for Senior Citizens

The Crystallization of this Concept of Assisting “Senior Citizens” to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life was conceived by the promoter himself, who in his early life had witnessed many old people living in total isolation, void of love, compassion, attention, and uncared for and being totally dependant on strangers to do even the minutest chores. Witnessing the sorrowful state of these old people led Captain Adi K. Mistry to venture into this concept to provide for these people respect, love, honor, dignity, with unparalleled comfort, the concept justifiably named “Healing Touch”.


World Class rubber products for the Automotive Industry – India’s largest single source supplier for EPDM Rubber Extrusions, Weather Strips, Channels &
Custom made Profiles for Doors, Windows, Windscreens &
Roof Finishers and Radiator Hose Systems – widest range of OEM products, including :

  1. Rubber profiles
  2. Door Seals
  3. Window channels
  4. EPDM Rubber profiles
  5. Windscreen Weatherstrips
  6. Weather-strips
  7. Waist line seals
  8. Sponge Rubber seals
  9. Rubber Extrusions
  10. PVC Profiles
  11. Flocked Channels
  12. Radiator Hoses
  13. Hose Pipes
  14. Coolant Hoses
  15. Heater Hoses

Cyrus and Pilloo Aga

Fredun Pharma

The principle objective of the company is to alleviate human sufferings. To meet this end, the company set up a sate-of-the- art manufacturing unit which began operations in the year 1994 endeavoring to produce drugs of international standards at affordable prices. Fredun offers opportunities for the growth of every employee as the company’s objectives cannot be met by ignoring individual aspirations. We firmly believe that the future belongs to an organization that continuously upgrades its knowledge base.