Welcome to Zpeakerbox! This is your portal of free expression from your mind to the eyes and ears of other Zarthushti youth all over the world. What you say matters and is well worth hearing. If you’ve got something on your mind, pertaining to our religion and community or not, then spill it. This is your space. Have your work published under your own name or discretely under a pen name.

We want to hear from you. Our only rule is to be considerate of other people and groups so this means there will be zero tolerance of personal and group discrimination such as racial, gender, and sexual orientation remarks and slanders. Articles, editorials, plain pissed-off rants will be viewed by an editor to make sure the rules of the site are respected.

We like to call this a Z-zine which is like an e-zine (electronic magazine) but a Zoroastrian online magazine. Have fun and happy writing. Welcome to the Zoroastrian community’s FIRST online youth magazine.

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