Mainstream Zoroastrians

Mainstream Zoroastrians Group:
1. To provide a forum for promoting Mainstream Zoroastrianism.
2. To educate people and disseminate information on Mainstream Zoroastrian issues.
3. To provide an open, un-moderated, uncensored forum for the exchange of ideas and member opinions on Mainstream Zoroastrianism and issues that affect the Zoroastrian religion .

The rules are minimal:
1. All individuals are encouraged and free to contribute or rebut.
2. The forum is open to all viewpoints and all individuals – there will be no censorship of ideas or opinions.
3. No abusive language will be permitted.
4. All emails must contain the first and last name of the author, in either the “Sent By” line or at the end of the text.
5.Any one can join immediately without approval by giving his/her first and last name in the “Sent By” line.

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