Protest against high-rise building in Godrej Baug

The Parsee Voice has arranged to have some protest letters so that the high rise building construction at Godrej Baug at the Dooongerwadi complex, be stopped.

To read more, click on protest-against-highrise-at-godrej-baugh

 Parsi Voice Letter dated 28th. April 2008 parsee-voice-lettter-dt28-apr-2008_please-share-these-knowledge 


Further, read more on the subject on the-parsee-voice-why-a-high-rise-planned-near-doongerwadi-why-godrej-baug-rubble-dumped-at-doongerwadi 


To read a letter from Mehlli N.Bhagalia, click here present-danger-to-dakhma-in-mumbai


For the Petition, click on tpv_letter-of-protest_05-05-081
















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