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Sale Of Anjuman Land In Palghar

Iranian Zoroastrian Anjuman of Bombay was set up in the year 1941.

Objects of the Trust :

i. to deal with all matters social and educational for the welfare of the Iranian Zoroastrians;
ii. to start promote and assist educational institutions whether academic, technical, commercial or otherwise for the benefit of the Iranian Zoroastrians;
iii. to assist the poor and helpless Iranian Zoroastrians including widows and orphans and devise ways and means for such assistance and improving their status…”

Click to continue reading and to sign the petition to Stop the sale of the land at Palghar.


Courtesy : Bahram Shahmardaan

Support Legislation – Nowruz and the Cyrus Cylinder


Support the Introduction of Legislation Acknowledging Nowruz and the Cyrus Cylinder

US Congressmen have urged the Representatives to support their resolution of recognizing and acknowledging Navruz as the Iranian New Year and recognizing the Cyrus Cylinder as the First symbol of Human Rights in the World.

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Courtesy : Rustom M Daboo

Tracing Bachubai Mistry’s family

I  am hoping to get some advice.

My grandmother, Bachubai Mistry, came from a Parsi family from Mumbai. However, she fell in love with and married my grandfather, a non-Parsi. This was in the 1940s and she was disowned by her family and cut off from the community. She always considered herself Parsi and continued to do her prayers etc although she wasn’t allowed in the agiary, She always talked very fondly of her roots and she had a deep sense of regret for having been cut off from the Parsi community. She passed away about 10 years ago. She had a brother by the name of Minocher (Minoo) Mistry, who she talked about. I do not know if Minoo Mistry is still alive and if he had any family (she did know that he was married).

We would very much like to reestablish contact with that side of our family and would be grateful if you could advise the best way of finding that part of our family. I know that the Parsi community has very good records. Would really appreciate if you could point us in the right direction.

Many thanks,


Arms Down – Religion for Peace

Dear Zarathushties,
Your voice for peace is critical as a person of faith.

Today, the world’s governments collectively spend USD$1.6 trillion on their military budgets. By contrast billions of people continue to live in abject poverty.

The Religions for Peace Global Youth Network has responded to this disparity with the Arms Down! Campaign for Shared Security.  Arms Down! calls on all governments to reduce their military expenditure by 10% at a rate of 1% per annum and then to re-allocate those funds toward development. 

Over 12 million people around the world have already given their support to Arms Down! in the past year.
Your voice matters.  Sign the petition today, and, if you have signed, encourage your networks – friends, family, and colleagues – to sign too. 

There are just 5 days left for the Campaign.  Help us reach our signature goal before the Campaign is presented to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, on 4 October, 2010.

Thanking you for your support

Jehangir Sarosh 37 Grange Road

WD23 2LQ tel:

Skype ID:01923 241 349


Jehangir Sarosh 37 Grange Road

WD23 2LQ tel:

Skype ID:01923 241 349



Save Bahrot Caves

Dear Friends,

Dr. Homi Dhalla, the Founder-President of World Zarathushti Cultural Foundation, has taken immense pains to initiate gigantic efforts to Preserve and Save the Bahrot Caves as a precious heritage structure since the last several years.

In a first of its kind, he has now initiated an online signature campaign, to be submitted to the Director-General, Archaeological Survey of India, to step up efforts in that direction. You can read the petition at, and if you agree to the contents, you may sign it online. It just takes a minute to sign and forward the same to your friends and relatives.

Please do spread the word and take action now !

Watch this brief video of the state of the BAHROT CAVES

Bahrot is located 20 km south of Sanjaan. Around 1351 AD our brave Zarathosti ancestors hid for 13 years in these mountains from Muslim invaders. The ‘Iranshah Flame’ was also moved to Bahrot during this period. Even today, the Holy Fire is burning and it is given the most eminent grade of devoted fire in the world.


Sanjan……………..669 years
Bahrot Caves……12 years (1393 – 1405 AD)
Vansda Forest……14 years (1405 – 1418 AD)
Navsari…………….313 years (1419 – 1732 AD)
Surat……………………3 years (1733 – 1736 AD)
Navsari………………..5  years (1736 – 1741 AD)
Valsad…………………1  year   (1741 – 1742 AD)
Udvada…………….267 years (October 28,1742 to-date)

Survey for Zoroastrians/Parsis – developing a blueprint for the future


 Register yourself…

 Dear ladies and gentlemen,

 This is a request to do this survey for the good of our dwindling community…… just click the link below. Also, if you could pass this on to other Parsis you know, it would be helpful.

 Many thanks.

 Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the mail en masse!!! Hemant and I’ve been helping Sam Balsara of Madison Advertising develop this survey. It’s for Zoroastrians and Parsis all over the world, and is intended to guide the development of a blueprint for the future of our community, findings of which he will share at the World Zoroastrian Congress in December.

Please please spread the word among your friends and encourage them to participate in it!!!

The link to the survey is here – – all you need to do is click on it and it will take you to the survey form. Once completed, please click the submit button.

Click on this website link

Thanks sooooooo much …

Pervesh Mody

Thanks and Regards,

Pervesh Mody
Manager, Risk Control Unit,
Global Retail & Commercial Banking, India
Barclays Bank PLC
T  +91 22 6719 6456
M +91 98210 92152
F   +91 22 6719 6453

Renovations at Udvada

Dear all,

 I have updated my website ‘udvadarenovations’ at

Please visit and place your comments there. May I earnestly urge you, this is our Vatican, the Iranshah stands at the summit of our Zoroastrian…nes, we can’t stand idle and do nothing about the “cheap” awful work done there. It reflects very badly on our community.

 I wish this message came to you from a distinguished member of the community, but it does not make this matter different. Please see this issue on the merits of the case. I earnestly urge that each of us correspond with letter expressing our distress to the 1.)Trustees of N.M. Wadia Charities (123 MG Road, Fort, Mumbai ) and 2.)the Udvada Anjuman (Udvada Gaam, Dist Bulsar, Gujrat)


Geve Narielwalla

Reference to Zoroastrianism, fire-temples, Persian empire in Michael Woods’ “Story of India” TV documentary on PBS


On Monday, January 5, 2009, some of you may have seen a TV documentary “Story of India” on Public Television stations. In Southern California it was shown on KCET TV channel at 9 p.m. local time.

In it he traces the history of India from pre-historic times – migration of human race from African continent to South India, early religion involving worship of mother-goddess, followed by Aryan invasion from north of India and first settlements in the Indus river valley area known as Harappa and Mohenjodaro (in today’s Pakistan), marking the first known big cities with populations estimated to be over 100,000 people.

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Inclusion of Norouz – New Day on UN Calendars


How would you like to see our Navroze  ( 21st March )  to be recognized by UN  and be included in their calendar world-wide ?

Will you do your part in getting the recognition?

Please click the link below for details


 Rusi Sorabji

PS: Kindly do not forget to pass this along to your  all  your Zarathusthi and

 non-Z friends also. More petitions the better

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