Yasna 20: “Framraot Ha”. – Explanation

Yasna 20: “Framraot Ha”.

(To be prayed during Muktad days)


By Pervin J. Mistry



General Introduction:


Yasna 20, known as Framraot-no Ha, is a commentary on the Ashem Vohu Prayer. Ashem Vohu and Ahunavar are the 2 most sacred and potent manthra uttered by Ahura Mazda at the dawn of creation. The holy Avesta teaches that the universe was manifest according to His Primordial Thought, embodying His Divine Consciousness (Vohu Mano). It was the first and foremost utterance of Ahunavar that brought the universe into being. Together with the Ahunavar, the fundamental declaration of Ashem Vohu (Ashoi) as manifested through Vohu Mano, sustains and guides the Universe towards Spiritual Perfection.


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