Zoroastrianism – An Ethnic Perspective

Zoroastrianism – An Ethnic Perspective

– Khojeste P. Mistree – Zoroastrian Studies (ZS)

We present here Khojest P. Mistree’s Classic Book – Chapterwise. Please be patient, as we add Chapters step by step – come to this page often to see the complete book.

To download the entire book as a single PDF file, please Click Here. Please be patient, since it is a big 32MB Download.


  • I think it’s terrific that you’re offering what appears to be a classic introductory text for free reading and download. Zoroastrianism has fascinated me for some time and I welcome the opportunity to explore this belief system in greater awareness in the coming weeks and months. Thank you!

  • please notify me on any new posts. Thank you

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