• can i get a good recipe for malido, thanks

  • 30gms almonds,30gms chopped cashewnuts,250g\msdesighee, 50gms flour,50gms semolina,50gmswhole wheat flour3/4cupmilk,250gms sugar,1/2cupwater,2 beaten egss,1tsp.vanilla essence,12 cardamoms,1/2nutmeg,30gms crystallised cherries,30gms orange peel (desi ghee flour wheat flour)(sifted
    (cardamoms,nutmeg)(powdered),(cherries,orange peel)(chopped)
    Blanch and slice the almonds.Fry them and the cashewnuts in half the ghee.Drain.Keep aside.
    Mix the sifted ingredients with all the remaining ghee and milk,and keep aside for half an hour.Cook on a slow fire stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until the mixture thickens, and becomes light brown in colour.Cool.This is the malida mixture.
    bring sugar and water to a boil, stirring until the sugar melts.Cool.Mix malida mixture with sugar syrup and cook together until thickened, stirring constantly.Take offvthe ffire. slowly pour the eggs into the malida mixture and beat in thoroughly.Cook again on a slow flame stirrring until the ghee floats on the top.Remove frrom the fire and lasstly add the vanilla essence,cardamoms, nutmeg, half the frried almonds and cashewnuts, half the cherries and orange peel, and mix together.Garnish with the rest of the ingredients.Can be kept in the refrigearator for a month.Serve hot or at room temperature.

  • Hi
    Jeroo, This is the recipe of malido

    Daisy Madon

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