Nou Rouz – 2009

“The coming of the season at the proper time of the solar year.”

Avesta ‘Haptan Yasht’ (Ha-3)


Every year the vernal equinox is considered as the beginning of the New Year (Saal- E-Nou). In ancient Iran when the equinox coincided with the sun rise in their kingdom they celebrated it as the NEW DAY (Nou Rouz). It is a rare phenomenon and was the event of the generation.


Now that we are spread all over the globe we can celebrate the New Day (Nou Rouz) when it occurs in our part of the globe and demonstrate the scientific knowledge of our ancestors who lived thousands of years before Galileo.


On March 20, 2009 the Vernal Equinox will coincide with the Sun Rise at about 85.2 degrees longitude which happens to pass through the eastern part of North America.


The only other year in this generation that this phenomenon will repeat in North America is 2013 after which it will move into the Atlantic Ocean for a long time. So let’s take advantage of this historic opportunity. 


Fariborz Rahnamoon also informs us that this is the event of a life time. It takes approx. 72 years to repeat in about the same proximity. If we miss it, its history.
In 2028 and 2032 Nou Rouz will happen in Iran.


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