Recitation of Avesta after centuries in the Shahr Rey Agiyari

Behrooz Khalili

After centuries Avesta was once again voiced in the Shahr Rey Agiyari.
On  a  Friday afternoon (27th Feb 2009) we started our trip towards
Shar Rey(A city near Tehran) along with Mobed Hangami and some friends
in our small Renault car.

To our surprise the streets were crowded regarding the fact that
Friday being a holiday the streets should have been less crowded, but
still we were steadfast enough and continued with our trip till we
reached Shar Rey.

Our aim was reaching the Agiyari but on the way we didn’t find any
road signs indicating this fact but still after going through and
changing our path many times and questioning passerby (most of them
who weren’t even familiar with its name) we were able to reach the
place where the Agiyari had been situated.

Check our tour pictures:
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Courtesy : Rusi Mistry / Rusi Sorabjee

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