Dadar Parsi Colony

This may  interest those  who lived  in  the DPC.  Probably it has a  picture
of the  building you once  stayed in.  Or  like me, may be surprised finding a bench dedicated in the memory of a dear  uncle & aunt. Fifty years ago, I was there with them for a  short time. It was beautiful then.

Jer & Commander Noshir D. Irani,  –Parents of  Gool, Mahrukh, Ivy & (forgot her name as I write) –lived near the band stand.  Noshir was the cousin of Dinshaw J. Irani, ( Songs of the Gathas ) and also the uncle of  Prof. Kaikushroo D. Irani of  New  York.

May I request  you guys  “Down Under” who  know  Gooloo Shiraz Katrak to pass on the links to her.  I do not have her current email address.

Courtesy : Rusi Sorabji

Click on each picture to see a bigger view



  • nice photos, brings back old memories of DPC !

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  • I lived in DPC as a youngster. Moved to Karachi in 1947.
    Pictures were very nostalgic. However captioning would have been abig help. Thanks

    • Homi H Shekhdar

      Hello Pervez,
      Glad to see you contribution, but like you, I could not pinpoint 665 DPC, also called (Desai Building).
      I can visualise from memory the skaters going round the “Panch Maidan” and the cycle races etc.
      They were indeed good old days!

  • It was great re-visiting the lush green streets of Dadar Parsi colony. The buildings have changed – high rise added to the original structures – a sign of the times. The five gardens are the emeralds in the crown of the colony. Fond chilhood memories. Captions of what photo was taken on which street would have been helpful. Sure appreciate the visual treat.
    Thank you!

  • How nice to see these pics! We used to live there, next to the Agiary. I think it is the best residential area in Mumbai!Thanks for posting the pics.

  • Homi H Shekhdar

    Thanks for your effort to illustrate the buildings in DPC. Like my brother Pervez, I used to live at No –665 DPC but could not visualise our flat.
    It was indeed a nostalgic run of old DPC.
    Many thanks again, and a belated Nawruz Mubarak.
    Homi H Shekhdar

  • Noshir Hansotia

    WOW!! What a blast from the past!!My name is Noshir Hansotia & I lived @ 799,Jame Jamshed Rd adjacent to Perviz Hall.My building:”Meher Lodge”then”Perinabad”.The Landlady’s Granddaughter,Hooty,became my wife 43 years ago.You see,I married UP!!Extremely fond memories.Definitely shaped my future!!
    Madon Club,Parsee Gymkhana…great institutions that shaped my generation.
    I live in Kansas City,Missouri,where the highlight of the day is to watch grass grow!!!LOL!!
    So,if you have time to chat,holler at me:
    Noshir Hansotia.

  • I am a photo journalist from MIDDAY news paper, Zorashtrians as life and culture always attracted me I want to work on a photo essay on their life and culture for my news paper as well as i want to contunue the documentation till my last breath is some one from dadar Parsi colony who can help me in getting contact

  • We need a journal/book of the worldwide Parsi diaspora. I grew up in DPC, but now live in a small beautiful town, South Haven, MI (on the east coast of Lake Michigan) Though there are many Parsis in Chicago, (140 miles away) I believe I am the only Parsi here in South Haven.

    Behram Hansotia

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