Best NGO Award for Gram Seva


Over the years many of us have known and admired  the work of  Dr Roda Patel and Dr Khushro Patel of illinois with the Gram Seva Trust in Gujarat.

I am forwarding you the information which has been received from  Roda

We congratulate her and her team for their dedicated  work in Gujarat,  spending countless hours of  committed time, effort and finances in promoting the health of children

Dolly Dastoor


Dear friends,

Gram Seva Trust has been the recipient of the Government of Gujarat’s 2008-2009 Award for Excellence in the pursuit of Health maintenance amongst the NGOs (Non Government Organization) in the State.

We are very grateful to all the members of our Gram Seva Team for their hard work and dedication which has made this possible. In addition, we thank all our valued donors/partners as it is through their generosity that we are able to carry on these wonderful services.

With Gratitude Love & Blessings,
Very affectionately,
Roda K. Patel, M.D.
Honorary Director of Child Health & Trustee, Gram Seva Trust, India

President, Gram Seva Foundation, USA

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