Parsi Milestones

Tatas : branch descendants of the High Priest Dastur Meherji Rana of Navsari who so impressed Akbar, Mogul Emperor, that the latter kept a sacred fire in his palace. Jamshedji Nusserwanjee Tata, a branch descendant of Meherji founded this business and philanthropic family.

Tata family with, anti clockwise,…Jamshedji, right seated , his sons Sir Dorab and Sir Ratan, and Ratan Dadabhoy Tata, a cousin, seated left.

JRD Tata, son of Ratan Dadabhoy, above, founded Air India and many more industrial businesses. (the late JRD was quietly accepted as a Parsi by the orthodox although his mother was French!!!)

Ratan Tata, left, present Chairman of the group, conceptualized the new tata cars,

the group is buying Jaguar and Land Rover, and has already acquired Tetley Tea, Corus Steel etc etc

Tata Steel, flagship company of the Tatas, plant at Jamshed_pur, Jharkhand State, west of Calcutta/Kolkatta.

Tata Steel, another view.

From Tata Motors, “the Elegante”

Tata Motors, cheap car at US$ 2,000. the Tata Nano.

The flagship hotel of Tatas, the Taj Mahal. Mumbai.

The Tata funded National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai.

Interior, the NCPA (see above pic.)

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai.

Tata Memorial Hospital for Cancer. Mumbai.

A typical housing for Tata employees in Mumbai.

The Petits, pioneers of textile mills in western India.

Petits, Parsi General Hospital., Mumbai,

behind the old classical facade is a modern hospital with some free wards for poor Parsis.

Petit Sanatorium, actually a cheap stay-in for Parsis visiting Mumbai.

The Petit Library, (the entire building houses a library), on the Mahatma Gandhi Road in south Mumbai.

Sir Cowasjee Jehanghir( and descendents), made their wealth through real estate in Mumbai.

The Elphinstone College, Mumbai, the building funded by Cowasjee Jehanghir family.

Another view, Elphinstone College.

Cowasjee Jehanghir Hall now houses the Mumbai chapter of the National Cent re of Modern Art.

The Jehangir Hospital, in Pune, named after Jehangir, son of a later Jehanghir baronet, who died in an accident.

Artists exhibit throughout the year at the Jehanghir Art Gallery opposite the CJ Hall (shown above.)

Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, trade with China, created first Baronet of Bombay.

The Jejeebhoy Towers of the Bombay stock exchange.

J J Hospital, Mumbai,original wing.

J J Hospital, new wing, for some decades now the hospital is bequeathed to the State Government.

J J School of Architecture, Mumbai, draws students from all across Asia.


Shipbuilders, then in various businesses, textiles, confectionery, timber, chemicals etc., a separate branch in film making.

Entrance to the Cusrow Baug, a massive subsidized housing for Parsis in south Mumbai.

Another view, Cusrow Baug (baug means garden/lawn housing.

Entrance to Jer Baug, in central Mumbai.

The Wadia baugs would now account in millions of dollars in real estate terms.

An ariel view from GE of the Wadia Colleges in Pune, western India.


Eros cinema.

Of the best cinema complexes in Mumbai: Eros, then Sterling, Regal, Excelsior, New Empire

and many more are/were owned by Parsis.


Save our community.

Marry within our community.

Respect our tradition.

We are not yet Doomed.

Compiled by: Phil Masters.

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  • Kurshiid Bharrucha

    Hello, I live at Tata CHS in an ownership flat. Except for the land purchased from Tata Mills and to name the first ownership colony of Parsis from the fair name of TATAs, we have nothing to do with Tatas at all. We are not employees of TATAs given a housing, there may be few working for TATAs. In the above, you have photographed our colony stating “A typical housing for Tata employees in Mumbai.”

    It is indeed very proud that TATAs are one of us. But to even think to live on charity of TATAs or anybody else, it is something I cannot fathom. I feel degraded and below my diginity.

    Kindly remove the picture as it is not the correct representation.

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