Farohar Islands & Egyptian Connection

Like Dubai building the  Palms shaped islands in the  Persian Gulf, Iran is going to build a new island near Bushehr in Persian Gulf, based on the “national symbol” of Fravahr. This will cover an area of 6,200,000 square meter.

I ask  my self a FRAVAHR  a NATIONAL SYMBOL  of Iran ? Isn’t that a great  recognition of a non-Islamic something.


Talking of the Farohar,  last  December  when  visiting  some of the museums of London & Paris undertaken to initiate my 20 years old grandson about  of our heritage, we came across Farohar shaped figures on the  caskets of the  Egyptian mummies.  Any information on the possible  connection? Here are the pics.

Courtesy : Rusi Sorabji


  • You have a one in a million observation.I had also observed this when I was helping out my child on her humanities assignment on ancient Egypt.This is the bird BA-the bird of the dead for the gyptians.The Ba is similar to our Asho Farohar and also the Ashur God of the Assyrians.You may check out both on the internet.Even more astonishing is that in the British Museum website,for the embalming and wrapping of the mummies,the pictures clearly show our Asho Farohar on the mummies.I had written to their website to seek a clarification but have not got any reply from their end.

  • to be specific-check the British museum site on ancient Egypt,go to the” wrapping of the mummies”, view the picture of Asho Farohar on the mummy.

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