Dubai Congress Awards


We are in the home stretch of  the awards program for the Dubai congress.  So please make that extra effort for all the potenial “award winners”  from North Amercia.

Many of you had questions for the program for which I now have the answers from the Dubai Congress organizers.

1. What is the final date for submission of nominations for the Awards Program?

The final date is 31.5.09.

2. Should the Sponsorship Form 1 be signed by the Sponsor?

Yes, it important that Form 1 is signed by the Sponsor and a scanned copy of the form is attached to

make the application a bonafide application.

3. Is it compulsory to submit the nominations on prescribed format?

Yes. Nominations not submitted on the prescribed form shall not be considered or processed.

4. Should the nominee be sponsored by atleast one Zarathushti individual or organization?

Yes, the nominee should be sponsored by one Zarathushti individual or organization. Self sponsorship is not permissible.

5. How many pages are allowed for nomination?

Totally 4 (includes Form 1 and 2).

6. Will multiple applications for the same person in different categories be accepted if submitted by the same sponsor?


7. Will multiple applications for the same person in same category from different sponsors be acceptable?

  1. This will not be permissible. If multiple applications are received from different sponsors for same category then an email shall be sent   to the Nominee informing him/her about the same. The nominee shall be required to opt for one application and confirm the choice by email to within the stipulated deadline so that the same can be submitted for evaluation to the judges. If no response is received within the stated deadline then by default the first application (in prescribed format and duly signed by the Sponsor) received by the Committee shall be sent for evaluation.
8. Where are the nominations to be submitted?

They should be sent via email by the Sponsor to

These have also been added to the  FAQs section  to the  website

The closing date for the submitting the Award Nomination May 31, 2009.

Dolly Dastoor and Shehernaz Verahrami Joshi

N A Representatives Awards Committee, Dubai Congress

Dolly Dastoor

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