Troglodyte village in Iran

Troglodyte village in IRAN  – 700 years old

In the north east of Iran at the foot of Mount Sahand in Kandovan, the villagers live in cave homes carved out from the volcanic rock.

The age of some houses is more than 700 years.

Very impressive.

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Courtesy: Meher Amalsad 


  • After Arab conquer over Iran the people of Iran were divided in three groups : 1 Jews and Christians 2: Iranian Moslems 3: Zoroastrians

    The first group listed as” people of book” were under special protection,although they were not equalized with the Arabs.

    The second group i.e., Iranian Moslems were socially and religiously second class citizens

    The most problematic group was the third group” people without book”. Zoroastrian were referred to this group .
    They had to choose between sword, Islam or pay head tax (Jizya) in special condition.

    Under this severe condition Zoroastrians were forced to live in remote area if they want to save their religion.
    These villages are known today as Troglodyte villages.

    I was in MIMAND village in southern Iran. This village is known as Zoroastrian stronghold in past time.

    The people who are living there were wearing clothes like old Zoroastrians and spoke a language similar to Zoroastrians.

    I even found a fire temple there but as I asked one of inmate there if they were zoroastrians , she replied No!?

    I think it demands more reserach on this matter.

    with love and light from
    Kurosh Behizadeh

    • Kurosh Mehraban
      Ba dorood
      When I read History and what Iranian muslim have done to Zartoshtis, feel ashamed being an Iranian. I wish one day we can repay your people.
      I have been a follower of Great Asho Zartosht for very long time.
      Hope one day everyone in our homeland will return to thier Zoroastrian roots.
      with Ahura Mazda’s Blessings

  • mohammad sardari

    Thanks for the great information about iran and zoroastrians you have given.
    What language do the zoroastrians speak?
    You have visited mimand but you should have visited about 200km further south to a village which is called KAREYAN where the AZARFARNABAGH or AZARFARANBAGH fire temple was there. (it was like mecca of muslims) all zoroastrians used to visit there. it was the last fire temple in south iran.
    yazd fire temple also has taken it’s fire from this temple.
    but unfortunatly is has been demolished by the time and KHAR people

    • Dear Mohammad

      Azar Faranbogh fire temple is one of three main fire temple (ATESH BEHRAM or ATESHE VERARAM) of ancient Iran.( The othe two are AZARGOSHASASB and AZAR BORZIN MEHER in Azarbajejan and in khorassan). I already visited it . Sassan the grounder of Sassaian dynasty was the high prist of that firetemple. Zoroastrians have been taking fire from this temple and brought to India” s fire temles as IRANSHAH fire!

      thanks for your attention

  • there is no mention of where they get water, what are the bathroom arrangements, as there are no vent holes do the cook outside?

  • v interestin stuff can we know more about your trip???also how does one get there is it easy?

  • An awareness mission to project realities faced by this ancient community is necessary. They should get protection and they should be allowed to visit Iran for their temple visit without visa requirement and discrimination against them should be stopped .

  • Dear Friends,
    I along with my 10 year old son wish to visit the village of Troglodyte, can somebody guide me.
    thanks , contact me on

  • dear friends,

  • Dear All,

    Would like to know about visiting places specially for the Zarthosti’s ( Parsis ). Which places to go & where & when, which is the best time of the year to visit Persia (Iran)

  • There is A Special 15-day trip from the 16th to the 30th of April, 2010 conducted by KHOJESTE MISTREE, of Demavand Tours

    For further details, contact:
    C/o Zoroastrian Studies
    K. R. Cama Oriental Institute Building,
    Ground Floor,
    136, Mumbai Samachar Marg,
    Mumbai – 400 023

    Tel: Nos: (+91-22) 2283 1511 / (+91-22) 2204 7990 (Office)
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