Freddy Birdy

In his first art show, adman Freddy Birdy prefers the mild mortifications of everyday wit.

THE FIRST THING you see when you enter Freddy Birdy’s first show of paintings is an enormous white canvas with a glossy haired brunette suspended sexily upside down, as if she’s being poured out of the giant Heinz ketchup bottle in the top right corner. Her scarlet lingerie echoes the McDonald’s red of the cartons in the other corner, from which bunches of fries sprout like slightly surreal flowers. The label reads, “Your proximity to a McDonald’s is far greater than your proximity to love.” In another painting, Superman rises in his famous underwear-worn-over-tights, against a background of Rupa briefs in Indian comic book colours.

Click here for the Tehelka Story

Click here to see his works in the exhibition

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