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Baname Khuda!
Dear friends,
we have an email from Mr. Aspi Nirumvaala who mentions the Zoroastrian articles which they stock and sell at the shop SOHRAB DHUNJISHAW & SONS
The list is quite exhaustive and I quote from Mr. Nirumvala’s letter:
  • Sandal wood sticks, Sandal wood shreds, Sandal wood powder, Sandal wood incense sticks,
  • incense in raw and powder form,
  • Sadras of 3 types for male n 2 types for female,
  • White & colour pyjamas for male & white pyjama for female
  • Kastis,
  • Siavs,
  • Prayer books in Gujarati & English,
  • Parsi caps,
  • Religious stickers
  • and so on.
Fellow Zarathushtis, please visit the shop when you are in the vicinity of Cama Baug.
The contacts are:
    Karani Bldg.
    46, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road,
    Opp: Cama Baug Agiyari, Bombay-4  
* Tel: 65781948 
Thank you Mr. Nirumvala for sending this informative email and please keep us informed about other additions to your store in future.
Best wishes,
Tehemton B. Adenwalla

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  • Hi, I have been trying to email SOHRAB DHUNJISHAW & SONS at the email address provided, but it doesnt seem to be working. Can someone please contact me as I would like to make enquiry regarding some items.

    thank you and regards,

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