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Moolla Ni Kapad Ni Dukaan

Moolla Ni Kapad Ni Dukaan (Moolla’s Cloth Shop)

From Time Out MUMBAI

N D Moolla and Sons is the kind of shop you crane your neck to look into. And it’s not just the intricately carved chess sets at the entrance, the old wooden cabinets lining the walls or the scent of sandalwood wafting out of the store. Its appeal lies in the fact that it probably looks the same as it did in 1931 when the owners relocated to this spot because of rental woes. If some of the objects displayed seem unfamiliar to non-Parsis that’s only because the store prides itself on stocking every conceivable item a Zoroastrian will need from birth to death. This includes the shiav or funerary offering of garments, explained proprietor Noshir Darabsha Moolla, whose grandfather set up the store in 1893.

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Curtesy :  Jehangir Bisney

Sohrab Dhunjishaw & Sons

Baname Khuda!
Dear friends,
we have an email from Mr. Aspi Nirumvaala who mentions the Zoroastrian articles which they stock and sell at the shop SOHRAB DHUNJISHAW & SONS
The list is quite exhaustive and I quote from Mr. Nirumvala’s letter:
  • Sandal wood sticks, Sandal wood shreds, Sandal wood powder, Sandal wood incense sticks,
  • incense in raw and powder form,
  • Sadras of 3 types for male n 2 types for female,
  • White & colour pyjamas for male & white pyjama for female
  • Kastis,
  • Siavs,
  • Prayer books in Gujarati & English,
  • Parsi caps,
  • Religious stickers
  • and so on.
Fellow Zarathushtis, please visit the shop when you are in the vicinity of Cama Baug.
The contacts are:
    Karani Bldg.
    46, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road,
    Opp: Cama Baug Agiyari, Bombay-4  
* Tel: 65781948 
Thank you Mr. Nirumvala for sending this informative email and please keep us informed about other additions to your store in future.
Best wishes,
Tehemton B. Adenwalla

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