Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji Scholarship

Bombay Parsi Punchayet and Jamshed and Shirin Guzder Trust Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji Scholarship

Trustees of the Parsi Punchayet Bombay and Trustees of Jamshed and Shirin Guzder Trust (through the Parsi Punchayet Bombay) have initiated two Scholarships each (i.e. 4 in all) called DR. DADABHAI NAOROJI SCHOLARSHIPS of Rs. 2,000/- each per annum per Scholarship for the year 2009-2010 for Parsi Zoroastrian boys and girls who secure 80% and above of any recognized Std. X Examination, such as S.S.C., I.C.S.E., C.B.S.E., orany other equivalent recognized examination passed in March 2009.

Two of the above Scholarships of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet are reserved for students who have preferably taken up Arts Faculty, whereas the other two Scholarships from Jamshed and Shirin Guzder Trust are open to students from any faculty i.e. Arts, Commerce and Science. The criteria of eligibility for all the 4 Scholarships is the same. College Admission proof for joining a College study starting from July 2009 will have to be produced by the applicants.

Applications should be forwarded to Mr. C. S. Panthaki, Sr. Executive (Welfare), Bombay Parsi Punchayet, 209, Dr. D. N. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001, latest bv Auqust 14. 2009. Those awardees who continue to achieve similar excellence during subsequent academic years will be eligible, on application being made, to receive the Scholarship from year to year, till completion of their Graduation.

The desired candidates should either collect the requisite application form from Mrs. B. P. Dastur, Asstt. Executive, Bombay Parsi Punchayet, 209 Dr. D. N. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001 or write to the BombayParsi Punchayet with a self addressed envelope requesting for the application form by post.

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