Shahnshah Shah Behram Varjavand

Shahnshah Shah Behram Varjavand

 Civilisation and the origins of mankind are linked to the continent of Africa according to the very greatest minds of a host of sciences and studies. Scholars and academics that in each successive generation have upheld the virtues and attributes of Greeks, Romans and such like that laid down the foundations of modern day Europe, the US of A and indeed much of the entire world. Occasionally nations such as China and India with much longer histories may intervene and give challenge but ultimately it is the western model on which all others take as their base upon which to build and establish their own economies, cultures and social order etc, etc.


To therefore acknowledge not just greatness but a supremacy of religious beliefs that transformed one nation to create and enjoy Empires the like of which have never existed anywhere else upon the face of the earth, is therefore simply one step too far – and so we find Iran relegated to realm of fiction, legend and myths in the libraries of the world. Yes some scholars and academics will uphold our past great Achemenian, Parthian and Sassanian Zoroastrian Empires but always there is the sense that Iran can not compare with western civilisation, its faiths and the cultures which now include others from Asia and The Middle East.

 Sadly to all of this we must never forget that it is in the very best interests of many from times past and even the present to openly alter and misrepresent the history of Iran so that they can keep control of this land and its peoples. For the reality is that even though Iran remains as an enigma and unknown factor to most, still such is the measure of fear created by our past history, that everyone sees Iran as a threat to world peace and development.

 The world of academia has embraced all things Iranian much as it has made studies of many other lands and cultures with their indigenous faiths and come up with their own version of the truth as based upon translations of The Avesta, in which the vast majority of all of our religious prayers are set down. Yet the fact that their Avestan dictionaries contain but a fraction of Avestan words and that for each and every Avestan prayer one can find a seemingly infinite number of different translations is always ignored. For ultimately the aim of such research and study is to make money, gain influence and power, so why listen to those who would seek to derail such a train?

 As a result there are two diametrically opposing views of ancient Iran and its true state religion of Mazdayasni Zarathushti Din. The question being to which side and to whom does one give their loyalty and faith towards?

 Those of you who wish to obtain a more concise explanation of such matters may approach us at any time for such information but as it is not our way to dwell upon the darkness we shall simply move forwards and focus on what was, is and shall be in the future.

To us the history of Iran and indeed that of the whole world all began with one Soshyos Saheb who chose people such as one Noah to build arks etc and save both themselves and some animals and plants. With respect to Iran this Rainidar took the masses of our people to a place of safety in the north polar ice cap. For by that time our earth’s orbit around the sun had decayed to the point where one earth year came to some 360 days and so both polar ice caps melted and the planet was engulfed in a deluge of catastrophic proportions. After many hundreds of thousands of years Soshyos now to be known as one Gayomard Ner Asho, ie the first man on earth, leads our Mazdayasni people back into Iran and so once again there begins a new Zarvane Daregho Khadhat……….in which the most important people to come are…………..

 THE Prophet of Prophets Who in this age merged Mazdayasni Din with Zarathushti Din to create The Mazdayasni Zarathushti Din.

 The Pak Magav Anjuman and especially 180 Pak Saroshavarez Sahebs,

 9 Ner Asho,

 9 Abedan-e-Abed Sahebs and finally a host of others from whose ranks it is also possible to have some who are of Divine nature and so far exalted above us mere mortals of human form and origin.

 The full list of Ner Asho are –




Shiavax and finally

Chandraghaas where Chandra means moon and ghaas refers to the aspect of being able to win over any opponent. So Chandraghaas by virtue of his mind could defeat anyone on earth

 To this roll call come the 4 Rainidar as yet to appear in our world –

 THE 100th Rainidar Saheb Shahnshah Shah Behram Varjavand

 THE 101st Rainidar Saheb Hoshedar Baami

 THE 102nd Rainidar Saheb Hoshedar Maah and finally

 THE 103rd Rainidar Saheb of Soshyos at time of next global deluge in some half a millions of years along with the aspect of the monstrous evil form of Zohak being released from his prison to rule for some 1,000 years before by the grace of Pak Dadar Ahuramazda our legendary warrior Kersasp is also brought forth to fight and kill this brute force of darkness and evil.

 We need but to go back to the reign of Shahpour the second to find one Dastoor Adarbad Marespand Saheb who was the 99th Rainidar – where this word Rainidar means one who comes to show us the way and so there was set in motion the divine forces ready for coming of Cyrus the Great and start of a new Achemenian Mazdayasni Zarathushti Empire of Iran.

 Barely had the dust settles upon the destruction of this Empire than one Dastoor Arda-e-Viraf with help of many other Dastoors brought back the writings and holy book of our religion for the masses and so there was born The Parthian Mazdayasni Zarathushti Empire of Iran.

 Once again with the passage of time this Empire too breaks up and then by the grace of Pak Dadar Ahuramazda with help of Dastoors and the faith one Ardeshir-e-Babekan comes forth to win and unite each province until once more we have a unified and new Mazdayasni Zarathushti Sassanian Empire of Iran………………

 And now we await the coming of…….

 The 100th Rainidar Saheb Shahnshah Shah Behram Varjavand

 With best wishes,

Cyrus Cooper


  • Khursheed Karbhari

    We have been hearing about the advent of Shah Behram Verzavand since the past so many years. Do we just go on hoping HE makes his presence felt during our life time?

  • With the zoroastrians idol worshipping, reading more of a baba,babi gururani, ending zoroastrian principles like dokhmenishini, shamelessly negating the wills of the makers of agiaries atashbehrams, even denying moral gratitude towards the community sentiments and approaching courts to negate the sentiments of the donors ( read neha Gupta case)…forcibly shutting down the dokhmenishini though not forced on any one to adapt it, false propaganda towards it instead of strengthening we really deserve shah varzavaran at all?

  • with best wishes.
    a j bilimoria

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