Agyari Cleanup Movement – Volunteers Required

Volunteers required for cleaning up of Fire Temples in Bombay.
This Agyari cleanup movement has been initiated by 3 girls of the Gamadia Hostel.
Those humdins who wish to volunteer their services please contact :
Sharmin Damania –  9833410254
Ronisha Chinoy –     9372422344
Dalzin Ghadoiwala – 9869145684
Behram P. Dhabhar


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  • This is more an inquiry than a comment – I recently visited the Boyce agiary in Belgaum and the agiary needed a lot of care and upkeep. The large hall had photos that needed cleaning and books that need re-binding. Who looks after the upkeep of each agiary? Is there a trust set up by the original benefactors? How does this work?
    If anyone has answers would love to get further info. Thanks,

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