Hearty welcome to the 17th Dasturji Meherjirana

Roj Avan Mah Sherevar, 1379 Yz.

I am happy to inform readers that the Bhagarsath Anjuman has elected Ervad Kaikhushroo Navroze Dastoor (more popularly known as K. N. Dastoor, or KND) as the 17th Dastur Meherjirana in place of Dastur Meherji Dastur Kekobad, who expired on 23rd January as reported earlier.

It was the written wish of Dasturji Meherji that in case of his death, the Anjuman should consider his request to nominate Ervad. K. N. Dastoor. This morning, the Bhagarsath Anjuman met under the leadership of Dasturji Firoze M. Kotwal and Dasturji Meherji’s last wish was put forward and discussed at the meeting. After deliberations, Ervad K. N. Dastoor was offered the post and he accepted.

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Courtesy : Ervad Marzban J. Hathiram

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