“Spreading Peace & Love”

The 9th World Zoroastrian Congress Symphony – Spreading Peace and Love

“Spreading Peace and Love” is the name of the anthem of the 2009 9th World Zoroastrian Congress in Dubai.

This symphony has been prepared in commemoration of half of a century of holding Zoroastrian congresses.

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Zoroastrians come rejoice
And sing in joyful strain
May the Mazdayasni race
Live forever in grace.

Our beauty’s rich and rare
Charities beyond compare
Good thoughts, good words, Good deeds
Ahura, thank you for these.

Renowned in every land
We toil with hearts and hands
Bringing joy to one and all
We leave our footprints in the sand.

Zoroastrians come unite
And hold our hands with pride
Ahura bless us all,
To spread peace and Love worldwide!

Courtesy :  Meher Amalsad


  • Spreading Peace & Love is most important slogan in today’s times for Zoroastrians as they are fading with time because of unnecessary controversies amongst the fellow brethren itself spreading hatred in religion . So I whole heartedly support the this wonderful gesture and further comment religion should have the policy of live and let live. Dadar Ahuramazd bless all with Good Thoughts, Good Words & Good Deeds.

  • All the best to my Zoroastrian friends. I am proud to be one. Such a heart warming song. Like to hear and sing it over n over again.

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