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Dear Friend,
My first novel SOCIETY will hit all the major book shops next friday in India , Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka.
Please let me have your feedback after reading it.
Warm regards
mehernosh kapadia

A drug addict, Dalit prostitute is accused of murder of the only son of a powerful politician, who is hoping to become the next prime minister.  A most successful lawyer in Mumbai is appointed to defend the dalit prostitute. He believes in justice but is his belief strong enough to withstand the loss of everything he holds dear – his highly paid job, his rich lifestyle, his family ?
  • The political letter in the novel could not have been better written – Ashish Oza – Journalist
  • When you read this novel, you realize how much our Society has degenerated – Jasbir Makin – Human Rights Activist
  • Mehernosh’s Writing brings to light the class differentiation : something which we shut our eyes to and pretend it does not exist – KK – Social Worker

Interview with Mehernosh Kapadia – author of Society

Click Here for the Review in The Afternoon Despatch and Courier


  • I read novel SOCIETY written by Mr. Mehernosh Kapadia.
    To be honest I bought the book only to encourage a Parsee brother , but let me tell you it is better than any other author i have read in last 20 years. Just too good, excellent

    • Mehernosh Kapadia

      Thankyou very much for your kind words.

      • Mehernosh Fitter

        Dear Brother Mehernosh,
        You have from your heart said honestly expressing things,you have disheartening topics,surely we all lack in things,AHURA MAZDA guide you and all others with ood Thoughts Good Words And Good Deeds.
        Mehernosh Fitter.

  • unbelieveably excellent

  • a new author is born in our community

    Mehernosh Kapadia with his novel Society

    Excellently written.

    All community members should back a man like this , all Parsee papers should give him exposure and the Parsee Panchayat honour him


    Geart work brother keep it up

    Let us know when ever you write the next novel , which i am sure

    • Mehernosh Kapadia

      Thankyou very much for your kind words.

      I intend to bring out my next novel by May this year.

      I will certainly keep all you wellwishers posted.

      Thanks again.

  • In my part of India where i live there are hardly any Parsees, so when i saw a novel written by a Parsee i picked it up—Society by Mehernosh Kapadia
    He has really captured the Society as it is today , it depresses me as a youngster that this is what society is today. But i must say his writting is excellent. as good as Dan Brown’s -Da Vinci Code

  • Mehernosh Kapadia

    Thankyou very much for your kind words.

    Dont let anything in life depress you.
    Be Positive and trust God

  • How do i become member of

      • Dear Friends,
        I came across a novel SOCIETY written by a one of our Parsi brothers Mehernosh Kapadia.

        The novel is very well written.
        It is fast paced and deals with what our SOCIETY is today.
        The novel has emotion, action and reflection.

        Many people have appreciated the book from all walks of life, which you can see from the comments they have given on the back cover of the book which is attached.

        Once you start reading the novel you will not want to put it down. Happy reading to all.

        Ms. I Karanjia

  • Dr. Aban Movdawalla

    Mehernosh’s first book ‘Society’ is difficult to describe- in one word it is ‘UNPUTDOWNABLE’
    -A brilliant first effort, it is racy, well written and keeps the reader engaged from the first page to the last-a thought provoking novel about the inequality of society, the downtroddenness & humiliation of the backward classes and Dalits and a reflection of the general degradation of our times
    – A must read for all lawyers- the hero, N. Dev, a ‘Utopian’ lawyer is simply a hearthrob
    – Great work Mehernosh-A bollywood blockbuster is in the making! Looking forward to your 2nd, 3rd and other novels!!

  • I truely enthralling novel SOCIETY by Mehernosh Kapadia.
    He has understood the Indian political and social structure exceptionally well.
    Nothing better to read than this novel in the market.

  • mehernosh kapadia

    Thanks I Karanjia for your kind appreciation

  • Folks I picked up SOCIETY written by Mehernosh Kapadia.
    What a novel —WOW.
    The novel you just want to finish in one go—excellent.
    I throughly enjoyed by Saturday and Sunday reading it.
    He has a unique way of educating you about the Dalits by a seperate chapter at the end after the novel is over.
    He much better than Chetan Bhagat. Hope to read your next novel soon.

  • All I do in life is read novels eat and dream.
    I must have ready over 500 novels by now and all subjects.
    My favourites so far have been Sydney Sheldon, Harrold Robbins and Aurther Hailey.
    Today i have added one more name to them –Mehernosh Kapadia. His novel SOCIETY is complete in all aspects. It sends a message and also entertains which very few authors are able to do. They just entertain. Mehernosh I want to meet you. Lots of kisses and hugs.

  • Hi Mehernosh,
    I have not yet read this book, but certainly will.
    Very soon. After reading all the praises showered on it by our fellow parsis, my curiosity is cerainly piqued.
    I am in Kerala at present and there are “0” as in no parsis here.
    Do keep in touch and inform me whenever your new work comes along.

    • mehernosh kapadia

      Thanks Jesi.

      My next novel will be released in May 2010 hopefully.

      Please let me have your constructive criticism, also do recommend it to your friends after reading it and if you like it.

    • Who says there are no Parsis in Kerala. Come to Wayanad and you will find one living at the edge of the woods.

    • mehernosh kapadia

      Have you read the novel Sir?

  • mehernosh kapadia

    With the grace of God 5 producers/directors of Hindi films are reading my novel SOCIETY

  • I will Insha Allah read the book soon. Alhamdulillah, meaning thanks to God, Mehernosh seems to have done a good job. I wish him all the best, and hope to see it on the big screen some day. We’re proud of you Mehernosh, our class mate in school.

    Behalf of all our class mates at Holy Angels Convent, Bharooch.

    • mehernosh kapadia

      You bring tears in my eyes dost.

      Hope to see you soon in India.

      Thanks for all your warm wishes.

  • Through my friends i came across this site when i was recommended Mehernosh Kapadia’s novel SOCIETY. Great work Yezdi.

    Your site is very informative.

    Also what a great novel mehernosh has written. Just UNPUTDOWNABLE. The best novel i have read in many many years. Let us all Parsees support him and make it a grand success.

  • I had started reading The Afghan by Frederick Forsyth the great novelist who gave us The Day of the Jackal and Oddesa Files. But i feel he has lost touch with writing and i put down The Afghan as it was just boring and nothing in it. My circulating library man suggested Society by Mehernosh Kapadia. What a great novel he has penned. I finished it in 2 days. Great work from our Parsee brother. Should not all our Baugs support his novel?. I am sure he will be the best novelist in the years to come.

  • Excleent site for Parsees Yezdi.
    I only came to know of this site when my friend Rusi said that a new Parsee author has written an excellent novel SOCIETY.
    Honest;y i did not believe him that the novel can be so good.
    He asked me the visit this site to read the comments of the readers. So i came on this site. It has excellent information for Parsees. Great work —keep it up. I will certainly read SOCIETY .Good luck Mehernosh .

    • mehernosh kapadia

      All credit to my dear friend Yezdi. Yezdi is a very hard working and a humble man who i know from my college days.

      Thanks to him i am getting exposure through this site.

  • Excellent interview by Mehernosh Kapadia.

    The man is absolutely sincere and his clarity of thoughts were evident.

    I am sure the man is going to go places and we are going to hear a lot about him in the years to come.

    When are the community papers going to recognize him ?

  • Only two words for the novel SOCIETY. EXPECTETION SURPASSED.

    I have known mehernosh since college days when he and Paresh Rawal ( now a famous Hindi film actor) used to perform on stage. Both were excellent actors, but mehernosh also use to write and direct plays also.

    I am so happy to have read his first novel and i can only say once again EXPECTATION SURPASSED.

    We college friends of Narsee Monjee College are proud of you Mehernosh

  • This is what i have written to

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Mehernosh Kapadia has written his first novel SOCIETY. It is just fantastic.
    On the link below you can read the reader comments and also hear his interview.

    Should not the community appreciate the good work and give recognition to our Parsee brother?
    I sincerely request the Parsee Press, Mr. Dinshaw Mehta and the trustees of the Mumbai Parsee Panchayat to do the needful.

    Kind regards,


  • Dear Jasmin,

    I agree with you . Even i will write to BPP review.
    Please give here all email ids for all Parsee Pancyhayats Yezi so that we can write to all of them

  • Dear Jasmin,

    Inspired by you i wrote as under to

    Dear Sir,

    One of our Parsee brothers has written an excellent novel “Society”.

    We have to talk about the good our community people achive and not just talk of Doongarwari and Veltures which the Parsee Press loves to print about.

    read the coments of the people who have read the novel and hear his interview on the link below

    convince yourself buy reading the novel —what a master piece .

    Hope the AKBARS of our community will listen .

    May AHRUA MAZDA guide them all.


  • mehernosh kapadia

    NAVROZE MUBARAK to all .

  • Mehernosh Kapadia, did we grow up in dadar Parsi Colony Bombay? – Elchidana

    • mehernosh kapadia

      No annahita. But i did go to Dara Parsee Youth Assenbly High School.

      Please to meet you.. Did you read the novel ?

      Please do let me have your views.

      Kind regards,

      mehernosh Kapadia

  • I recently read SOCIETY by Mehernosh Kapadia and wept in awe and gratitude

  • arnavaz patel

    A lovely read and one that makes you fall in love with main characters.

  • aadilkerawalla

    Novel SOCIETY is good reading, easy to follow and very smartly written. I loved it and i recommend it to all novel readers and also to all who care for society.

    Mehernosh you have done a wonderful job—I salute you.

  • Mehernosh Kapadia is a very intelligent storyteller. I loved the character development aspects and how he is able to hold the reader captive till the very end. I loved it and recommend it for all ages.

    I wish him the very best for all his future novels.

  • mehernosh kapadia

    Dear friends,

    I sincerely thank you for the support you have given my novel SOCIETY.

    I have received many emails and queries when my next novel will be released.

    Though I had promised by May this year, I am sorry to state it will be earliest by late June.

    The reason for delay is to give you a much better read.

    Love & luck

    Mehernosh kapadia


  • Dear fellow Zoroastrians I’ have just completed reading this book, it ok but not quite the shimmy 6/10


  • I read the first novel written by Mehernosh Kapadia–SOCIETY. For a first time writer it is excellent beyond words. Hope many read the novel and understand what life can do to human beings. Good Luck Mehernosh for all your future work.

  • Novel Society by Mehernosh Kapadia is a must read. 7 star rating is all i can say in 3 words.

  • sharmila gupta

    Please let me know any other book written by Mehernosh Kapadia after SOCIETY. I just loved the novel and read it twice. My mother also loved it and so did my aunt.

  • Thanks to my friend Yasmin, i read novel SOCIETY by Mehernosh Kapadia. I can say excellent. Now all my friends are reading it—we share our books as we can’t afford. May God bless you Mehernosh with success as i see in your writings , you have a soft heart for the poor.

  • My parsi friend Kamal recommended me novel SOCIETY by mehernosh kapadia. The novel kept me enthralled. Hope we have many more good writers like mehernosh who care for the poor in SOCIETY.

  • SOCIETY novel by mehernosh kapadia is as good as if not better than any other renouned international authors like Khaled Hosseini,Jeffer Archer, Tom Clamcy , Fredrick Forsyth and many more.

  • What society is , is very well stated by the author in the novel SOCIETY.

    The author has very clear thinking and that he is able to put that on paper.

    A novel not to be missed.

    This is the first novel my wife liked.

    Excellent Mr. Kapadia

  • mehernosh kapadia

    Friends ,
    I received from a reader who liked by novel SOCIETY very much, asking how many novels are sold. Honestly i dont know as that only the publisher would know. My reply to him was “The number of copies is not so much a measure of success as the depth with which you touch people. I am at a stage where I would rather touch a smaller number of people at a deeper level than a larger group superficially.”

  • Very well stated Mehernosh

  • mehernosh kapadia

    Can some one give me the mobile number of actor Boman Irani or his email id please

  • Dear Mr Mehernosh Kapadia , Society is a fabulous Un Put down able book which is a very gripping

    it is a Best Seller and superb book

    with Good International Marketing & Pblicity i Thnk the Book shuld sell at least 10, million copies and more

    Congratulations you are Greater than Harald Robbins , Chetan Bhagat …

  • mehernosh kapadia

    Dear Friends,

    I am please to inform you all that with the blessings of Ahura Mazda my novel SOCIETY has reached the screenplay writing stage to be made into a movie.

    Keeping fingers crossed.

  • A great book . Just loved it . Read it in 2 days flat.

  • I simply loved the novel SOCIETY by Mehernosh Kapadia. Very bold writing from a Parsi gentleman. Only a man with great conviction would use words like golden shower . India atlast has found a strong writer. Congrats mehernosh. Look forward to lots from you.

  • Mr. Mehernosh Kapadia loved your novel SOCIETY . It shows you are a person who cares for what is right and what is wrong in society. Wish there were many like you.

  • Hello Mr Kapadia,

    Please advice who is carrying your Novel here in Canada?? I have read the reviews and I am excited to lay my hands on the book.

    Best Wishes, Themton Irani, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

    • mehernosh kapadia

      We have not placed the novel in Canada.
      You will have to order it online on this very site.

      Yezdi Tantra’s team will do the needful.

      I am also pleased to inform you that a movie may be made from this novel. I am already writing the screenplay.

      Kind regards,


  • mehernosh kapadia


  • mehernosh kapadia

    Dear All,
    Ambassador Sir Mehernosh Shroff , chief Engineer , fellow of institute of marine engineers , Owner of tugs and Builder of vessels is also the Founder of “Ahimsa Warships of Peace and Eco sense “

    Ahimsa warships of peace and eco sense is trying to create since 1996 very Emergency Fast , first aid and help Oil spill response and prevention vessels , if Mehernosh Had his way he would convert half the worlds navy to Peaceful of Ahimsa Purposes , remove every Gun and replace then with

    1) Oil Booms & Oil fences ( patented)
    2) Special grade fishing nets ( to protect marine life )
    3) Oil scoopers
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    9) Air compressors
    10) Tankers , pumping units and large 10,000 bhp 30,000 bhp Multi Purpose Anchor Handling towing salvage vessels and station them 6 to each coast in India

    Sir Mehernosh , Presently has 375 members in his Organization & is supported by M/s Dalia Steiner , Late Viveka Babajee ,Baroness Yasmeen Von Scneilitz , Famous Television actress Neha Sharad , M/s Medha Patkar , Teesta Setalvad , and other activist , Sir Mehernosh began writing articles on this subject since Nov 18 2002 in the Shipping today which put him on the cover and featured him 6 times !!!

    Sir Mehernosh Shroff , made an open declaration that he could solve the MSC Chitra situation in 2 – 72 hours and make her sail out or get towed out , Mr Anand Mishra Senior correspondent took up his dare and went with him to Ferry wharf where Sir Mehernosh Explained his 14 point plan , hard core mariners and fishermen agreed with Sir Mehernosh Shroff & convinced Mr. Anand Mishra that Sir Mehernosh was the Man of the Hour , the only one who had been preparing and warning India and United states and world of just such an occurrence , Mr Ananad Mishra wrote his Article in Navbharat Times & India woke up to recognize a true dedicated committed Environmental activist and Problem solver

    Sir Mehernosh had made a declaration if you think I am right give me a rose ( he got 4000 roses ) if you think I am wrong give me Lemon one gave him a single lemon , every one shakes his hand they believe in Him

    Sir Mehernosh is radically different from the Mumbai port trust and various government agencies who even now do not know what they are doing
    I Urge the Irani Parsee Community to Back this Great Thinker and Visionary in all his efforts to save the Pure Ava Yezad ,Banau

    Please join him on facebook and encourage him and be Proud , that when Mumbai and India needed a Man there was a Parsee Zoroastrian, who spoke offered his help and made a Declaration as He did , we are Proud of you Ambassador Sir Mehernosh Shroff

    God bless you all,

    Mehernosh kapadia

  • Dear Friends,

    I have launched my website with help from Yezdi Tandra.

    Also launched is my new novel Crime –A One Way Street as an ebook.


    This is the story of a bastard son against the backdrop of the gang-wars in Bombay (now Mumbai) in the sixties, seventies and the eighties, who entered the world of crime.
    He forgot the principle of the gangs- Firstly not to fall in love and secondly- interest of the brothers of the gangs come before your beloved. He made the fatal mistake of falling in love and realized that “CRIME IS A ONE WAY STREET.”
    The decisions taken by the father and son in this relationship will shock the readers.
    Through this novel the author is trying to convey firstly that crime never pays.
    Secondly —who ever you are, whatever your religion, from whatever part of the world you come from –one needs and seeks love.
    Lastly — the author has juxtaposed old Hindi film songs in the novel –reminding us how beautiful the words and music were.
    I am looking forward to your support.
    Kind regards,

    mehernosh kapadia

  • I had read SOCIETY the first novel of the author and now his second CRIME –A ONE WAY STREET.
    I really must compliment you sir for you have handled two completely different subjects flawlessly. This shows your versatility as a writer.

  • Both the novels are a lovely read.
    Both the novels keeps the interest till the very end and is fast paced .
    They are better than the recent novel Theodore Boone by John Grisham.

  • Dear Friends,
    If you all are members of facebook see the proposition ( and the comments of others )of Mehernosh Kapadia on Ajmal Kasab —I have a different view.

  • wish you all a very Happy and prosperous new year

  • I WANT YOU TO WATCH MY WIFE novel by Mehernosh Kapadia is faster than a James Bond movie

  • I Want You To Watch My Wife is a real crime thriller. It has all the ingrediens to be made into a fast Hollywood movie with Sean Connery as the investigator.

  • Goodbook, Mehernosh..Dr.Aban gave it to me to read.. Get it edited before the second edition..There were 3 or 4 bloomers which i do not want to mention..Along the banks of the Tapti in Surat there are no bars due to prohibition in Gujarat..From the cricket stadium in Bandra ur view is really restricted..

    Anyway ,a good debut effort..Keep it up

  • Just finished reading SOME WOMEN WILL NEVER CHANGE by Mehernosh Kapadia.
    Nice suspence, sex and romance.
    seems to be inspired by Salman –Aishwarya romance story

  • Congratulations Sir for now your novel SOME WOMWN WILL NEVER CHANGE in paperback after great success as an ebook

  • Mr Mehernosh Kapadia’s novel SOME WOMEN WILL NEVER CHANGE is Salmaan —Aishwarya love story in parts.
    Excellently written and very good suspence.
    Abbas Mastan should make a movie out of this novel.

  • Loved your novel CRIME A ONE WAY STREET.
    In volvement of a man with 3 women so very well handled.
    The best author of the world could not have handled it the way you wrote.

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