For NRI’s and PIO’s – Surrender of Indian Passport

For NRI’s and PIO’s — “Opposition to Retroactive Enforcement of New Rules for Surrender of Indian Passport”. 

  “Opposition to Retroactive Enforcement of New Rules for Surrender of Indian Passport”.  

 The latest notice posted on the website of Consul General of India in New York and San Francisco, says, “In supercession of previous rules, Government of India has decided that Persons of Indian origin who have already acquired foreign citizenship up until 31 May 2010 will not be required to pay renunciation fees of USD 175.00, he/she will be required to pay miscellaneous fees of USD 20.00 when getting the old Indian passport cancelled/surrendered.

 In future those Indian citizens who acquire foreign citizenship on or after 01 June 2010 will have to submit declaration of renunciation of their Indian citizenship forms as given on website and fees of USD 175.00.”

 More details below in GOPIO newsletter:  GOPIO Newsletter

Courtesy : Behram Pastakia


  • Keep me informed.

  • Dear Sirs,

    We have acquired Canadian Citizenship during Sept. 2009, we are residing in Toronto, we are holding Indian Passports and we have not applied for OCI.

    As per latest rules, we are required to cancel/ surrender Indian Passports. Please send us details for the same per return and oblige.

    Thanking you,

    Atul Shah

  • Can you tell me if i have dual citizenship u.s.a. and india do i have to surender my indian passport please reply me as soon as possible on my email.

  • Hi

    Seems we are on the same boat, visit my website, perhaps we can share information. Let me know.

    Together We Can…

  • they will find one way or the other to harass Indians living abroad, they can’t see Indians living peaceful happy lives abroad, they require things from you that don’t make any sense, when some one hold US passport, why you need see all the other documents such as your Indian passport when you landed in the US the first time, i.e the stamp on your old indian passport when they came here or your green card? all we need is visa to India on our US PASSPORT, and they want to see how and when you came to the U.S …its just too funny. is there any petition of some sort against all this harassment any where online?? thanks

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