Shehenshahi Calendars for 2010-11 and 2011-12

Many of you have been asking me to send you a one page Parsi Shehenshahi calendar for 2010-2011. I used to send in an Excel worksheet format which many of you had problems printing on one page. I now have created a one page JPEG photo format of the calendar and is attached. I have also added one more calendar for 2011-2012. Hope you all find them useful.

The calendar was originally constructed by Sarosh Maneckshaw which I modified it a little bit. It has all 12 months and 30 days and 5 Gathas, as well as important events like 6 Gahambars (in blue) and all important 19 Jashans (in yellow) marked right on the calendar. To me, it is an indispensable one page.
Let me know if you think it was useful. The print may be too small for some of you like me but we manage.
Love and Tandoorasti, Soli Dastur

Click Here for Shehenshahi Calendar 1380 AY (2010-2011)

Click Here for Shehenshahi Calendar 1381 AY (2011-2012)


  • Great Work!
    As prescribed in the Dinkard we were to add a month after every 120 years,
    which we never followed up after 1120’s.
    How about creating a calendar by adding the missing months and synchronising it
    with the Gregorian calendar?

  • Your current calendar is very helpfull, I am now looking for 20012/13 Parsi roj calendar, can u pl update.
    Thank you.

  • I have always used this one-page Shehnshahi Calendar & find it VERY useful. I have also forwarded it to all my friends who also find it very useful. I am now waiting for the 2012-13 calendar. Please provide it ASAP! Thank you!

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