October 21, 2010

The Udvada Samast Anjuman would like to inform community members all over the world, about the possible threat that our sacred Shreeji Pak Iranshah is presently facing.

The tenure of a huge plot of land, around 200 acres, situated directly behind our most sacred Shreeji Pak Iranshah Atashbehram is in the process of being changed from Agriculture to Non-Agriculture, after which it is proposed to set up an Industrial Estate / redevelopment of residential colonies. If this change of tenure is permitted and an Industrial Estate is allowed to be established in the vicinity of Shreeji Pak Iranshah Atashbehram it will completely destroy the sanctity of our holiest place of worship.

It is hoped that members of the community, irrespective of their ideologies will unite for the common cause of protecting our venerated Shreeji Pak Iranshah.

May Shreeji Pak Iranshah continue to reign in splendour and continue to shower His blessings on all in our community for eternity.

For & on behalf of
Udvada Samast Anjuman,
Dasturji Khurshed K. Dastoor

Click Here to view the Full Petition to Chief Minister of Gujarat and Sign and Support the same.


  • Dr. Cyrus B. Toorkey

    It would be an excellent idea if Parsi and Irani Zoroastrians could come together and buy up the plot of land in question. The plot could then be donated on behalf of the World Parsi-Irani Zarathushti community to the manging body of the Atashbehram, with the stipulation that it cannot be leased or sold to any other party for any reason whatsoever. Does anyone have an idea as to the cost of this piece of land and who owns it?

  • I hope everyone takes this seriously and prevents this dreadful thing from happening.

  • Zenobia Viraf Motivala

    Pl let us brain storm ideas from all and implement the best and save our Pak Iranshah.

    • Meher & Farrokh Pastakia

      We strongly support the view of our Zorasthrian community and request the Gujerat Government not to grant the the change over of the land useage from Agriculture to N.A.

  • Mehrnosh Nagporewalla

    I am furious that the government has to be given this petition if it was any other community there would be riots but we not doing that makes them feel we are week WE ARE NOT AND WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS we are a small community but strong. We cannot and will not stand of this outrageous position the pure and sanctity of our holy ground we will not give this up easily it is a matter of centuries that we have remained loyal to it now is the time we show how loyal we are me saying is not going to work i am just a teenager but the gravity of the situation is such that i cannot be oppressed it is unfair.

    No for non agriculture and destruction of our culture.
    We want our land and will not let filth destroy and inhabit it.

  • We should as a community fight/ demand for our rights and ensure that the land is not lost from our hands. Parsee Panchayat, Mumbai should ensure that we do not fall prey to the political powers.

  • There are so many within the community who will want to have a home close to Pak IranShah.
    Why don’t those of us who are so inclined write to Dasturji Khurshed, head Priest of Pak IranShah affirming our interest alongwith a monetary offer based on current market land value,so the owner of this 200 acres land may be requested to sell the same to community members ,receiving a fair compensation,enabling him to do a similar project and community memebrs who purchase covenant to thereafter sell within the community only. This can be a smoother and more desirable solution acceptable to the community and the current owner of this land. Ofcourse the State Government needs to be requested to intervene urgently,where the BPP Chairman who is also a Member of the Maharashtra State Minorities Commission may also be requested to join in the effort
    Mr Ratan Tata, Mr Naoroji Godrej, Mr Adi Godrej and other prominent community Members may also be requested to petition the State Government.

  • Rustom Dhanbhoora

    I dont think it is practical to expect the govt. to reverse development plans for 200 acres of land in today’s day & age.

    We should look for more a more pargmatic / mutually acceptable solution – e.g. if Zorastrians (individuals & trusts) come together to purchase a part of this land closest to Iranshah (could be a 20-30 acre area) and develop it as a green zone with just trees & gardens. This might be more accceptable to the govt.. This is just an off-the-cuff idea without knowing the positioning of the land in question or the development plans of the govt.

  • Dear Vada Dasturji Saheb,

    I would suggest two things for the protection of the Iranshah
    1. Wall around the Iranshah complex and include the houses and fields inside the wall
    2. Puchasing the nearby agricultural fields around the Iranshah by a Parsi trust or from donation given by a wealthy Parsi
    Feel free to write back with your feedback

    Thanks and Regards,

    Yours truly,

    Bejee R. Patel

  • Our village Udvada needs to be protected as our most sacred Fire Temple is situated there. Keeping in mind what the Parsis (minority community) have contributed I think the Government should oblige us.

  • The best way out is to sort the matter with the higher n highest decision making authorities regarding land conversation and allotment,giving the vulnerability of our holiest and most powerfull places of worship getting poluted by such developments socially,economically and enviornmentaly,but inspite of all these if this doesnt solve the matter then the entire zorastrian diaspora in the world should come to grab the land entirely on there name specially the filthy rich people of our community.Set an example before world that we still love our religeon more than our lifes,give our tan mann and dhun to save udvada and iranshah…..yazdan panahbad

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