Common Prayers

Mr. Minoo Dosabhai has worked on some of our common prayers and presents them now in both Gujarati and Roman Script, along with their meaning. They are appended herewith.

Many thanks Minoo for this effort.

Gujarati Version

2 Ashem Wohu Ind

3 Padyab Kusti Ind

4 Baj Before Meals, & call of Nature Ind

6 Gah Dedications Ind

7 Sarosh Baj Ind

8 Hoshbam Ind

English Version

1 Kanga’s Khorde Avesta (Heading) Eng.

2 Ashem Wohu Eng.

3 Padyab Kusti Eng

4,5 Baj Before Meals, & call of Nature Eng

6 Gah Dedications Eng

7 Sarosh Baj Eng

8 Hoshbam Eng.

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