9th Youth Assembly at the United Nations

Subject: 9th Youth Assembly at the United Nations
As part of our outreach at the United Nations, the FEZANA UN-NGO committee partners with like minded Non-Governmental Organizations to increase opportunities for our individual members in humanitarian work worldwide.  One such organization with which we made contact in the  year 2002 through the efforts of Suzie Karani is the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FAF). We continue to collaborate with the FAF on account of their focus on youth development, which is also a focus for FEZANA’ s UN-NGO committee.

In our work at the United Nations, we hold it as a policy not to engage in proselytizing.

The FEZANA UN-NGO committee, as a co-ordinating body, facilitates such participation by making carefully chosen and relevant information available from time to time. The following information about an upcoming Youth Conference at the UN Headquarters in New York is shared.

Please note, that costs for travel, participation, visas and stay are the responsibility of prospective participants.

Behram Pastakia
Afreed Mistry
Homi D. Gandhi
Co-Chairs FEZANA UN-NGO Committee

REGISTRATION for the 9th Youth Assembly at the United Nations, set for August 3, 4, and 5, 2011 will open on February 7, 2011. For details of registration and the report of the 8th Youth Assembly, please visit http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=h94dvwbab&v=001dsGnuBrFqEENobiRH0L7Ap7OrKfk4Ny1FUugxWp7NP_AjMqoQrURk7jYlq9ZYYX1wvaSmAQiPYY0CARiOGnUmPnVpTO7bg06ZFBAE5UVxww%3D


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