Is Zoroastrianism a proselytizing religion?

After extensive field study (on going)on Zoroastrianism in ancient China, I have revised my earlier opinion and came to conclusion that indeed Zoroastrianism is a proselytizing religion. The main reason is there is s nothing in the scriptures that prevents it. There is no historical findings that proves otherwise. There were quite a number of Chinese who were converted in ancient China by SABAO= ZOROASTRIAN CONVERTING PRIESTS AND EVEN MOGUs = HIGH PRIESTS CAME FROM PERSIA TO ESTABLISH PARISHES FOR TRAINING PRIESTS TO BECOME THE CONVERTING PRIESTS

THE TANG DYNASTY AND SONG DYNASTY ARISTICRATES AND ROYAL HOUSE HOLDS were converted to Zoroastrianism. The proofs are already provided from archeological excavations of several Fire Temples. Several leading Chinese scholars asked me that if Zarathushtra had not converted Vistaspa and his the royal family, Zoroastriainism would not have been heard of and would not have spread from Sogdiana to Northern China. It was only in India that conversion was looked down and it is a SOCIAL PROBLEM.

From the Gathas,Younger Avesta, Achemenian Inscritions to late Pahlavi literature, there is not a single statement that Conversion is prohibited. One instance of pointing Jasme Avenge Mazda that Mazdayasno Ahmi Mazdayasno Zarthushtri prevents conversions but if one sees Vendidad at several places only the word Mazdayasna occurs without Zaratheushtis.

Jadiv Rana’s promise of non-converting has no legs to stand because Jadiv Rana never existed, no geneaology of such person is on record or ever found.

I think this short note is sufficient.

Best wishs,
Dr. Pallan Ichaporia


  • one question dear sir.
    if it really is the proselytizing religion, and if it was the way you are saying … where are the parsi / irani zoroastrians in China? How come they don’t exist anymore? Why aren’t the most sacred places of worship in china rather than india.

    Kind sir. It would need more facts than just opinions to sway truth…

  • well said shehzad… Just to get facts straight.. time and again it has been explained that Zarathushtra “converted” the strayed away Mazdayasnis back to the religion and thats why we say Mazdayasno Ahmi Mazdayasno Zarathushtris… we are Mazdayasnis, followers of Mazda and follow the Mazdayasni religion through the teaching of Ahura Mazda… Superfluous reading and summarising does not give u the license to comment in such a way.

  • Dear Dr. Pallan Ichaporia,
    It takes courage and humility to change one’s opinion. it shows the wroth of a man, thank you for your research and sharing it with us.


  • Dr. Pallan Ichaporia, Ph.D

    Dear Jhangir:

    Thank you for your good words and thoughts.

    For doubting Thomasesa I can only say that they should have attended my scholarly presentation at Houston Congress

    The field reserach in Xiang, Dunhaung and other areas
    are still in progress. I amstillo China I had presented the picture of complete excavation of Fire Temple at Xinag, China at Houston Congress ANother one at Dunhaung is still under excavation Six others are in proces of excavations. So this is not superficial Dear Sirs

    You may believe or not, It is your affairs.

    Tha causes of diappearance of Sogdian and Persian Zoroastrians were discussed

    All the best

    • Sir,
      We in Mumbai, are indeed unfortunate NOT to be able to attend your scholarly discourse on religion & its many, unanswered/doubtful issues.
      Since majority or may I take the liberty to say that more than half the followers of the faith reside in Mumbai these illuminations should be brought to bear upon us/Mumbaikars than a handful of Houstonites, or for that matter those in the west.
      Further it would be great if you could attach a map with places marked on it to generate more interest & appreciation among us interested folks, thanks. (As English spellings of places in China are not conducive to locating the places).

  • Sir,
    Your statement—–Jadiv Rana’s promise of non-converting has no legs to stand because Jadiv Rana never existed, no geneaology of such person is on record or ever found…….
    So, then there was a King/Ruler by another name, who was he?
    After all there had to be someone of authority who gave us sanctuary.
    Were, then promises made to him? If so what was the agreement between the “Landing gentiles” and the local ruler?
    There has to be some sort of rules laid down for us to be observed.
    What about all that???
    The name Jadiv Rana being non existent still leaves many questions unanswered. After all what’s in a name?????
    Kindly enlighten.

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