Vakhshoori / Ahura Scholarship

The Vakhshoori Foundation invites young Zoroastrians to apply for scholarships for the academic year of 2011-2012. Formerly known as Ahura Scholarships, these awards have been renamed and augmented. The Vakhshoori Humata Scholarship now totals $10,000; the Vakhshoori Asha Scholarship totals $2,000. There were six awards last year, and we look forward to receiving your applications this year.

The applicant must be a young Zoroastrian enrolled in or accepted to an accredited institution of higher learning at either the undergraduate or graduate level. If s/he is already enrolled, s/he must provide a tuition statement for the fall semester of 2011; if accepted but not yet enrolled, s/he must provide an acceptance letter. Candidates of diverse
nationalities are welcomed to apply. All completed applications must be postmarked by May 15, 2011. For a copy of the application, please see . For specific questions, please contact Koorosh Vakhshoori at .

Koorosh Vakhshoori
Scholarship Committee
The Vakhshoori Foundation

The Vakhshoori Foundation mission:

To promote leadership among Zoroastrian youth in the academic, social, and artistic fields.

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