Chalk n Towels

Sagan Na Chalk

Birthdays, Navjotes, Engagements,

Weddings, Anniversaries, Jashans

celebrate all your functions


colourful Sagan- na-chalk.

Tastefully decorate your entrances.

Select from several designs we offer


we will create your theme of design and colours.

Your design, we execute

Our towels also adds charm to your ‘Ses’ .

Get your Towels and Napkins  beautifully machine

embroidered with designs, initials and names of

your choice.

Be it for Nahan rituals, Birthdays Newly weds trousseau or any other occasion .

You design we execute.

Contact – Benaifer Mehta +91-9892313020 or +91-22-23535779

Email :


  • can u please guide me- my kids naujote is next year, they are both 8 year old girl and 5 year old boy, would like to know what to put in ses, also some ideas on chalk etc.
    can u also put parsi ghara designs on this site.
    All help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Regards
    Jeroo (Karachi)

  • kids names are Nasha (girl) and Azman (boy)- need designs for towels and where is your shop or house, if anyone coming from Mumbai can request them to bring it.
    thanks again!!

  • khushnum Kermanizadeh

    where can we order the towels and the chalk toran. My kids Navjote is in July this year

    • Thank you for your enquiry you can get it touch with Benaifer Mehta on o9892313020 or Thrity Tantra on 9821754901.
      If you live in Bombay we can visit you to show you the albums.

      We wish your function all the best.

  • Hi,

    I would like to know the price and how long it would take to make your embroidered towels for a wedding? And also how much do you charge for the chowk work? Can you do it at the baug as well?

  • Lovely Chowks and Towels. Very good to know the service is available. Doing the chowk is hard on the knees and mothers would certainly appreciate this done on a special day.

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