From California to Doongerwadi – Mumbai

The following procedure/documents applicable from California US
Pre planning should include identifying an experienced,established mortuary at origin of death, liaising with Indian emabssy (their website if available,) alerting and preparing  family members in Mumbai
Pre planning saves a lot of crucial time. A helpful mortuary will save  loads of time and effort and even advise  with regulations and latest documentation required. . They can even advise on economical fares/costs.
 Upon death :
 Local legal procedure :
1. inform the local mortuary to take the body away .
2. Ask the mortuary  to get all required documents. embalm the body.
 a)  Official Death certificate by city , state or county -cause of death is important to be stated e.g mostly natural causes.
b) body needs to be embalmed and this cannot be avoided at all .Indian health officials need a proper embalming certifcate
the process of embalming the body is removing blood and then injecting formaldehyde.
c) Transit permit for airlines to transport the corpse .
d) Certificate by county or state or province  showing that death was not caused due to a contagious disease(if that is the case). -also referred to as entry permit for health in India.
e) Indian embassy will also require the flight schedule for the body on mortuary letter head.
the full set of documents needs to be notarized by Indian Embassy . Suggest to designate  someone to hand carry((v/s overnight mail) if Indian embassy is not present at place of death.
this saves valuable time for the parted soul. In most cases this phase  should be  pre planned in setting up a liaison with Indian embassy as it  helps to save critical  time.
 In 90 per cent of cases this should take care of  documents required by airlines, Indian authorities and Doongerwadi BUT  Always always double check, before flying the body (specially on Indian end and Doongerwadi). rules and requirements are subject to change)
1.start four day prayers in Mumbai and place of death, if mobed availbale)  immediately do everything except Geh Sarna , which is to be done only at Doongerwadi   
. In India:
2. apply taro to the corpse at the mortuary , if possible.
ask family members to meet at Mumbai airport , with hearse from Doongerwadi;
the body is cleared form cargo area, cleared by customs and taken to Sahar police station for Panchnama(I think doognerwadi will need to see all these clearances.)   It is then taken to a local magistrate for his signature.and taken to Doongerwadi
Note: this e-mail is copied to relevant people who i think may have something to contribute/suggest as something could have slipped my mind on Indian/tarikat  side of procedure.
Mehernosh Fitter has kindly agreed to oversee the procedure in Mumbai, his e-mail is and cell number 98923 01884 .He has good contacts  and know how which makes clearance procedure a breeze. Kashmira Rao ( mobile no. 9833199985) has also offered to help.
Please also be guided by Er, Hathiram . In  the past ( I think) he has done the four day obsequies for ruvaans from overseas .

Sam M.Billimoria

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