The Five Gathas

The Five Gathas 

What is Avesta Ba Azaenteesh, Gatha Mat Azaenteesh ???

Paigambar Saheb himself composed 21 Nasks of Frashusho Mathra of yazatic language, later on under instructions of Dadar Ahuramazda himself, he gave permission to his disciples to compose 21 Nasks of ”Manthra Spenta” of Avesta, which narrates Cosmogenenesis or  ”Shrusti Rachna”. That is why these  Manthra are called as  Avesta. ”A” meaning that which has got no beginning nor ending, and ”Vesta” or VID= to know or an all encompassing knowledge having no beginning or end . Not every Time cycle is same and there is always a difference between each Time frame. At every beginning of such Time cycle a Rainidar also known as ”Deen-Arastar’ ‘ under strict permission of nature, is given kshathra or righteous authority by none other than Dadar Ahuramazda and under supervision of Zarathustra. Rainidar  who descends observes the Time cycle with spiritual foresight in Sezda or Cinematography and assesses the type of souls that will descend with a certain type of collective kesas or karma  which they will have to tackle with during their individual lifetime cycle know as ”Zarvane Thvash Khadat”. Taking into consideration the karma of those souls descending, the Rainidar likewise does arrange appropriately 21 Nasks suitable for them, from Frashusho Manthra and Manthra Spenta. The Rainidar as per Stoat Yasna adds in it the riddle which is in code also known as ”Azaenteesh’ ‘ i.e. Avesta along with its original deep import entwined in it.  The Rainidar thus hands over such composed Avesta which is ”tailor made” for those particular souls whose collective karma is entwined in that Time frame. Our last Rainidar Dastur Aderbad Marespand under whose Dasturi we all are living in has himself composed new  Avesta and Patet appropriate for our souls transmutation. Hence whatever Avesta we have with us is riddled with deep import known as ”Azaenteesh’ ‘. Each word of such Avesta has got 9 different levels of understanding in it which is connected with our nine seams of our physical body. They are composed of 3 physical levels, 3 non-physical levels, and 3 Minoi levels. That is how we progress further towards physical form of perfection or Tandarosti, by keeping our ultra-physical body healthy and thus achieve perfection known as Mun-Darosti, and we will finally achieve perfection of Minoi body known as Ruvan-Darosti. Thus by Ruvan Darosti the Minoi triad of Ruvan-Baod-Farohar within our body is nourished and activated which can connect us straight away with yazatic forces in nature.

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The Five Gathas Part 1 of 2

The Five Gathas Part 2 of 2

Courtesy : Firdosh K Sukhia


  • I give full credit to Mr. Firdosh K. Sukhia, who had revealed the facts based on concrete reference made from the text book and Late Framroze and Jehangir Chiniwalla’s articles.
    This is an eye opener to Zoroastrians, who pay visit to Temples, Dargahs and churches, unknowingly and ignorantly about their fates of Jehrum at the time of their departure from this ‘Gaeity’.
    With my Best Regards.

  • Without in any way undermining the deep significance of the gathas, I would like to know whether the five days of the gathas are interpolated as a correction of the zoroastrian/parsi calendar or is there a different explanation?

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