Shoma Beramji

To give you a brief about myself, I am married to Yezdi Beramji and he is working as a Manager in a Training & Development Organization.We are living in Greater Noida.  Wife n a mother of 3 daughters and a fulltime atrist..thats what i am.

I am an artist by profession and love to learn and teach different forms or paper and color art.. My In-laws live in Mumbai and have been a real support and inspiration in my life.  I started in 2004 with designer candles that I made at home and soon added things like paper flowers, stamping, wedding albums, scrapbooks, card making, paintings, personalized gift items etc , and Now from past 2 years I am trying to promote the art of Paper Quilling in the common masses through exhibitions and classes. I also sell some art products online you can visit my online store.  Through this I even take online orders n get the things couriered to my clients.

I had taken part in an exhibition at Delhi Anjiman on the 13th Feb 2011 where people really loved this art form. I am keen to do exhibitions in Mumbai or any place where there is a Parsi fest. I have also seen that there are lots of events happening so if there’s a way we can get to know about these to take part in it, would be a g8 help for people like me. Please help me where ever you can into promoting my blog and products..
Thank You

Shoma Beramji

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