Nucleus Properties and the threat to Udvada

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I have posted the second article in my series on Udvada. This article discusses Nucleus Properties’ proposed development of a 168-acre compound of farmhouses just a few hundred meters away from Iranshah, something that would have a major impact on the environment and infrastructure of the region. I have also included maps that
illustrate the sheer size of this project:

The next article in this series will go into the details of the court case taken up by the Udvada Samast Anjuman against Nucleus Properties.

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Dinyar Patel

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Department of History
Harvard University
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  • I am inclined to believe that it must be our own zarthostis behind this NUCLEUS. No other community would even think of such a thing of a Highly Religious Place that too of the Parsis/Iranis for whom all have high regards.

  • Parsees of Mumbai and Gujarat must come together immediately & try their level best to save Udvada-Iranshah Property and surrounding areas too. BPP mujst intervene and use their good offices with Mr. Narendra Modi and save this property and find an amicable solution to this problem.

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