Looking for Jamsetjee Phirozeshaw Chaiwala

I am a historian and recently published a book on Bombay called Mumbai Fables. During my research I came across In the British Library, London the typescript of a novel written by Mr. Jamsetjee Phirozeshaw Chaiwala, who also used the name P.J. Chevalier.  He was a resident of Bombay in the 1920s and the 1930s. He lived first in Bhiwandiwala Building in Tardeo, and then in Imperial Mahal at Dadar. He also had his office, P.J. Chevalier & Co. at Commissariat Building.  I’ve been trying to locate his family for nearly 6 years or so. But I couldn’t find anything on him either at Tardeo or in Dadar. Would you have him or anyone related to him listed in your directory?  I want to write on him and would like to find any information I can about him. A few years ago, I even published an advertisement in Parsiana, but with no luck. I would be very grateful to you if you have some information relating to the family.

Thank you.

Gyan Prakash


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