Mazra Kalantar (Yazd,Iran)

This site is opened with the intention of helping to bring closer together Zoroastrians, particularly those of Mazra-e Kalantar origin.  Our history has been full of hardships and storms and through these hardships we have learned to keep united.  The inhabitants of Mazra-e Kalantar have gradually scattered and settled in different parts of the world, and rarely find the chance to be in touch with other inhabitants and keep abreast with news from this village. We hope that this site will make it easier to be informed of each other and to update news from our village.  Though it is just a start, we are sure that with the help of each other we will make our site more efficient.  Special thanks to Fariborz Jamshid Jamshidi, who was the initiator of this thought and to Ardeshir Farokh Jamshidi for taking the first steps to open this site.  May our love and faith for our motherland and rich culture be strengthened and last forever.


Courtesy : K F Keravala


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