Did You Know ?

Theparsiinstitutions.com is the largest, free, worldwide listing of Parsi Institutions. It has more than 700 entries now.

What you can find on this website!

  1. Agiaries, 
  2. Aramgah, 
  3. Atash Behrams, 
  4. Anjumans, Associations, 
  5. Clubs / Gymkhanas, 
  6. Colleges, Infirmaries, 
  7. Cultural Societies, 
  8. Daremeher, 
  9. Dharamshalas / Sanatoria, 
  10. Dokhma, Foundations, 
  11. Funds, 
  12. Hospitals / Dispensaries, 
  13. Hostels, Libraries, 
  14. Museums, 
  15. Orphanges, 
  16. Press, 
  17. Public Halls / Baugs, 
  18. Religious Societies, 
  19. Schools, 
  20. Sport / Recreation

Please add institution(s) that you know of, to the directory. Glance at the listings of other institutions throughout the world.

Our idea behind TheParsiInstitutions.com is simple “keep a worldwide listing of Institutions”.


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