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Hello all FEZANA friends:
On behalf of our esteemed President Jahan Daruwala and our own ZAF Executive Board, it is our distinct pleasure to share our latest ZAF Zor & More Newsletter with you. The vibrant colors of all the various ZAF activities shows the progressive nature of our ZAF members and their wonderful children and hard working teachers and parents! Hope you all enjoy it!

Love and Tandoorasti, Soli


Dear ZAF:
Thanks to our generous sponsors, supportive well-wisher families and advertisers, we are pleased to bring you Issue # 2 – 2012 of ZAF’s quarterly newsletter Zor & More and hope that you would find it of interest. We have attempted to cover not only the traditional events with pictures of Nowruz & Picnic at this time of the year, but also many topics of current importance in the local and the North American community.
Kind regards … Jahanbux Daruwala for the ZAF Board.

The contents are follows:
Pg. Content

3. Nowruz Celebration
4. ZAFun Picnic
5. Shoes Charity Drive, by Khushnuma Driver
6. Operation-Eye-Sight Charity, by Behli Hansotia
6. CENSUS – FL Zarathushti Population, 2012
6. ZAF Community News
Newcomers to ZAF
6. North American Zoroastrian Religious Tele-Class
By, Ervad Dr. Soli P. Dastur
7. Beyond Florida
XVI North American Zoroastrian Congress, Aug 2-5, Rye New York.
FEZANA College Scholarships Available
8. Differences in Zarathushti Faith & Practices in Iran & India, by Ms. Shahin Bekhradina, President-World Zoroastrian Organization, London
12. Calendar of Events

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