• Do we need one? The Asho Farohar is undoubtedly the International logo for Zoroastrians

  • Shirin J Mistry

    Undoubtedly it is BUT this competition is for a specific purpose and event and would not be used again for any other World Zoroastrian Congress! It thus helps to identify one particular moment in our long and glorious History.

    I also feel it would help make all of us in the far flung corners of earh feel a part of this mega event and help to lessen any feelings of exclusion or isolation from our humdini brethren and our Parsipanu!

    I therefore thank the organisers for giving us all a chance to be a part of it.

  • The website does not seem to work. I tried to go and download the form but……….

  • how many logo do we allowed to submit?

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